duplo man


Sure he has one black eye, different color arms and is ready for mardi gras but I think he rocks.

Well last night my mom came over for dinner. I had gotten a meatloaf ready the night before and just mixed it up and stuck it in the oven with baked potatoes, biscuits and peas.

While it cooked I got addresses from mom to update my new list. Then we ate and it was ok but probably the worst meatloaf I have ever made. It had been a while since I used beef in one but I don’t think that is where I went wrong. I think maybe it was making everything first then adding in the beef. It also did not cook right and was not great. The potatoes were also not done. The pees and biscuits were fine I guess.

After dinner we cleaned up and played with some Peanut toys for a while. Then it was time for marshmallows on the fire.

Peanut did not have much patience and wanted his cooked in seconds. While mom and Peanut roasted, Heath and I got out the cinnamon graham crackers and put a layer of chocolate frosting on the tops and peanut butter on the bottoms. Then mom and Matt stuck the marshmallows in between.

We all agreed that it was a fine substitute for Hershey chocolate bars and probably had a better taste esp. if you got the marshmallow hot enough to melt the PB and chocolate.

After smores we cleaned up and started playing with Peanut’s Duplos. First I stuck a couple of random creations of his together and it looked like a dog but was very fragile. Then we all worked together to make the Duplo man. It took nearly every block we had but we got it done and he was awesome.

Then mom headed home and the rest of us went to

. We needed some groceries and forgotten/leftover Christmas presents and once there we always get tricked into getting other things that we never knew we needed till we saw them for such a low price. We eventually escaped and after a stop at CVS for nearly the last of the pictures we headed home and Peanut and I went to bed. Heath is working from home today so she stayed up late partying or something.

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3 Responses to duplo man

  1. Stooks says:

    Wow, I can’t believe you messed up meatloaf, one of your trademark items.  I’m sorry.  You didn’t deserve for that to happen, especially over the holidays.

  2. Heather says:

    I’m kinda missing the Christmas music that has been haunting the bathrooms at my work since Halloween.  Maybe they should change the rules and only play Christmas music from Dec 25- Jan 1? 

  3. thePrewitt says:

    I ate the rest of the meatloaf a few days later and it was fantastic. To fix it I wraped it in aluminum foil and cooked it for like 30 more minutes. So undercooked was the only original problem.

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