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My family on x-mas eve

Kevin’s sweater party

H showed up to cause trouble

Peanut has been wanting to build a snowman all winter and we finally got a chance on xmas eve.

Thanks to a suggestion by Stephen we put him on the deck so we could watch him and he could stay out of the snow. Peanut named him Frosty.

Mike came over last Friday.

Matt, Tony Geoff all came too and we broke out the karaoke.



New roommate pile


That’s all the pictures I have for today. Christmas has been very very busy and I am worn out. I really don’t want to think back to all the excitement since the last time I posted and I hope you will appreciate not reading a list of all the places I went and things I did. Here is a copy from an e-mail I sent to KK before the break.


Hey KK I wanted to let you know my Christmas schedule so you
could join in.

Tomorrow night (Friday) Mike comes into town and wants to go
to bars or something then to my house.

Saturday night Kevin is having a Christmas party at his
house then out to the bars.

Sunday we are getting Peanut and going to one of Heather’s
family Christmas party.

Monday I gota work a bit then we go to church with my mom
and my uncle Dan’s house for Christmas Eve dinner.

Tuesday we are going to have Christmas at our house then go
to my moms for her Christmas then to Heather’s moms then to Heathers Granpas.

Wednesday we took the day off work and will just hang out at

Thursday back to work.


This is close to what we did but yesterday was busy as well with a lunch w/ my Grandma and some cousins and an aunt. Peanut seemed to have a great time everywhere we went but he was also sick of it all and just wanted to play with his toys.

I think I got a cold or something.





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  1. Stooks says:

    Wow, that was fun.  It’s good to be reminded that those nights actually happened. 

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