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I’m sure my on and off posting is driving you nuts. Sorry and please just make sure they are these nuts,

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UPDATE : Content below has been edited for privacy and safety. Post was origanlly online 12/20 and reposted 12/31.

So I got a few questions I could use some help with so please read on and then let me know if you have anything to say. Heath and I are making a nice liveable bedroom in the basement of our house. I have moved a lot of stuff in the basement around. The washer and dryer moved into the storage hall. The hall had all the original hookups for them already. Last night Peanut and I swept and moped and vacuumed the room, the bathroom and the rest of the basement. Heath and I moved the TV down there to the family room and the family room one to the spare bedroom and the spare bedroom one to the storage shelves to make room for a bigger HD TV.

QUESTION 1: Time Warner DVR. Can I add another DVR box to my account? How much is it?

My current concerns are on heating the basement. Our gas bill doubled the last month and so we want to get our basment/house more weather resistant. Right now we leave it cold unless company is coming then we turn on the furnace and heat the whole basement except for the shop. I want to make sure the bedroom is warm and comfortable but want to affect the utilities as little as possible. I could continue to heat the whole downstairs. I could put a separate small gas heater (already own) in that room or a small electric space heater (with temp control) that I would purchase. Or my last option is to divert all of the heat in the downstairs to the bedroom and bathroom. This would be good but the thermostat is near the tv and would get his room way too hot before kicking off. So I am thinking of moving the thermo close or into the room.

QUESTION 2: How do I keep the bedroom in the basement warm all the time and the rest of the basement warm occasionally.

Another issue I am working on is getting more clickers or (even better) a keypad for the garage door. I bought a universal clicker from Home Depot but it did not work with our anciant sears garage door.

QUESTION 3: How do I get a new clicker or keypad for an old garage opener? I believe this opener is pre 1983.

So let me know what you think and I’ll try to post again soon. Actually since this post is recently edited I will post again in a few minutes with some of my solutions and stuff. Sorry if parts were confusing or you don’t understand exactly what I am talking about just ask me in private and I’ll fill you in.


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  1. Ge-off says:

    You could set up Level Pay on your gas bill, so the bill is the same each month no matter how much you use it.  This is what I do at my house.   They determine an amount based on past usage, then they keep the bill the same for a year and re-adjust it each year based on how much or how little you used it.  The downside is you pay way more in the summer when you barely use gas, but it can be a big savings in the winter when you use gas way more.

    Another option is to bottle up all your farts and have Jon figure out a way to turn that into a decent smelling heat source for your house.

  2. Ge-off says:

    My garage door opener broke about a month or so ago.  I bought a new one at home depot for $130 (I paid less due to gift cards).  I found it much easier to integrate additional openers/keypad with the new one than my opener from 100 B.C.

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