I got this load yesterday at lunch with Stephen

And today I give back to the Craigslist free community.

9 of my 12 craigslist posts are up

What will be taken first and what will be left behind?

I’m really not sure what will stay and what will be gone when I get home. I’ve got 3 more items to get up this morning.

So last night I brought my load of wood home and organized it into 3 piles, Ready to burn, Needs to be split and Needs to be cut w/ the chain saw. Then I got out the chain saw and took care of those pieces. Heath came home and did some stuff inside and I put away the chain saw and got out the maul and started splitting.

Of course all the pieces that the previous owner had not split were tough to split. They had knots and slanted cuts and all sorts of things that get in the way of a good split. I worked my way through several logs before Heath was ready to go and we left to go to Aldi.


I was already a sweaty mess so took of my shirt and put on another one at the store. We got a good load of groceries but were sad to see they were out of all bread and bananas.

Once home we unloaded the groceries and loaded up the cabinets and deep freeze. Then Heath and I went downstairs to go through the shelves downstairs. We started on one end and worked our way to the other finding things to label, things to throw away, things to try and give away, things to try and sell, and things to put back on the shelf. We got rid of a ton of boxes and tubs and the stuff on the shelves is organized into groups and everything is labeled.

Then Heath left for her soccer game and I carried everything to the garage that was going on craigslist and took pictures of all the items. I took some new pork chops out and got them in some marinade. then I headed off to Kevin’s house.

I got there just in time to see the first event in the New American Gladiators.

The show is just so cheesy that you gota watch it with other people so you can laugh at it or as I stated yesterday watch it on the DVR and fast forward whenever there is not an actual event going on.

After the show I headed home and got some sweet potatoes, broccoli cauliflower and carrot mix and the pork chops cooking. The chops were alright but a bit fatty, the veggie mix was good, the sweet potatoes were a disaster. I tried not pealing them but just washing them and cutting them up. The skins were terrible and chewy and neither Heath or I ate much of them.

Well I got work to do and more items to post. I’ll comment w/ the links when they are up.


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5 Responses to craigslist

  1. Ben Clark says:

    Thats very daring putting out your address for all the looneys of KC to see.  I can’t imagine that the person who is willing to take a used torn sleeping bag is the same type of person you want haning around your house while your not there. 

    Maybe a new roomate when you get home?

    Lets see how this plays out. 

  2. Heather says:

    this "new roommate" is like stooks? semi-unemployeed and hooked on Wii, but very technical and willing to have fun?  Maybe not so bad???

  3. thePrewitt says:

    All the free stuff but pans! is gone. I wonder if the ! scared them off.

  4. Ben Clark says:

    Are you already trying to replace Stooks?  Well Heath I would have imagined you would have kept that to yourself, but now its out there.  

    Look out Matt, she may try to off youin the night by suffocating you with Chris’ Cakes.  A delicious way to go…yes.  But still sneaky.

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