Houses for everyone

We got a bit of snow yesterday after such a warm weekend.It was snowing and blowing real hard when I went outside around lunch time, then it was sunny and melting when I came outside at the end of the day and then I came out a few hours latter and it was really cold and windy.

And I had a problem cool new dog house to deal with.

After work I carried out a bunch of plywood from the shop to the yard to drive the truck on but the ground felt fairly solid so ended up not really using the wood. I got the truck in position to back down the yard then went inside to wait for a crew to assist me.

I found Fireman Sam bobbing along the top of the tank and decided to get him a rock. I found this guy in the back yard and cleaned it off.

It has a nice slope to climb up, a little cave underneath (that is where Sam is in this top picture) and a level area at the top where he can sit if he wants. I have not seen him try to climb up or do anything but hide under the rock, squeeze against the rock (pictured below) or hang out in his old spots.

This picture was taken last night after the rock was put in and the one below was taken this morning. It is amazing how fast his tail is getting absorbed and his behavior is changing.

My frog by weekend prediction may come true after all.

I got some stuff ready for our dinner after Sam was taken care of then Stephen and Ian were ready to help me move the house. I backed down the truck with no problem then we tried to slide it out the back. It did not want to budge, I had Heath come out and while she was getting ready we got it to slide a bit but it got caught up in the liner on the tailgate. We could not lift it off at first but Heath got behind and pushed with her legs and the other 3 of us lifted and pulled and slowly and with a lot of effort got it off the tailgate.

Now we had one corner off the truck, one in the bed and two hanging off the side. We attempted to slowly rotate and slide more of the house off the truck but the weight got the best of it and we ended up gently letting it fall onto it’s backside on the ground. No one was seriously hurt

(Ian’s arm was a bit out of socket but he seemed to recover ok)

and the house was off my truck and in the back yard. We tipped it right side up and it is stuck there for now. It’s not in a great spot but it will do until some nice day when there are 8-10 or so people around that can help me lift it and move it somewhere more appropriate.

It was very cold and windy out and we all immediately took cover in our respective houses. I got some firewood on the way in and built up our fire. Then Heath and I worked on more of dinner. We cut up some of the leftover turkey and made a really tasty Mexican themed salad with letuce, onion, tomato, carrot, black olive, cheese, ranch, salsa, Fritos, and chili beans in it. Peanut got a slow start but once he realized he could put stuff on fritos then eat them he got all over it

He had a happy (empty) plate and so we broke out the last of the leftover pie and some ice cream and all got stuffed.

After dinner we messed around the house for a while then got out the tub of small plastic animals and dinosaurs and a tub of duplos. We all got busy building and built some cool stuff. I had a really elaborate crazy building going but it fell and then some of the pieces looked like a ship. Peanut had been building his own boat so I turned mine into a boat and it was really starting to look good but Mommy made us put them away before it was finished. Peanut and I are planning to work on our boats some more tonight.

Peanut brushed his teeth and got on Pajamas and we read a book about how nice trees are to have around. It was a good book but ended with the attitude that if you go plant a tree you can walk around all smug and rub it in everyones face.

I’d like to get Peanut to help me plant some trees in the back yard but I hope it won’t change his life.


While I was sitting up working on legos my back got real stiff and sore and it continued to both me during the story and after Peanut was in bed I convinced Heath to do some stretching workout on the tv with me to help it out. Ohh before this I got Heath and Peanut to walk around on my back but I guess Peanut pushed Heath off or something. There was some sort of crash and luckily they did not land on me.

We had a tough time finding a video that was not terrible. So many of them are fast paced swing your arms clap spin kick duck punch moves that do not appeal to me when I feel fine and when I am nursing my back are completely terrible. Luckily the Carmen Electra get fit to strip video had just what I needed.

It was slow and worked on muscles to strengthen and stretch and was visually appealing. After that my back felt better and I got stuff done around the house and pizza dough in the bread maker to make pizza dough tonight with while Heath did some terrible video with some slightly ethnic chick dancing around with the biggest fake smile ever

worse then this.

Then we drank some water and watched old aqua teen and How I met your Mother before going to bed. I borrowed Heath’s back heater pad thing and laid on it for a while as I fell asleep. My back feels 100% so far today.

Thanks Carmen



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