The night before a snow day

Well I’m back to work today after my little break yesterday. I did a lot of splitting but still have a lot to go. Maybe 3 or 4 more snow days would do it.

Yesterday’s work is the pile on the far left of the screen.

Fireman Sam has gotten to be a quick swimmer and either hates getting his picture taken or is terrified of me. I think he knows I have watched him from the couch pondering about fried frog legs.

Sam has no tail at all anymore until I get the camera out hangs out at the top of the water. Heath has tossed a cricket in the tank to see if he is ready for frog style foods. We will probably get him some meal worms tomorrow when Peanut comes back.

So two nights nights ago when I got home I got Matt and we jacked up my truck tires one at a time and braced them in the air. Once I was completely off the ground I started the truck and drove it a bit. I have been concerned that my 4 wheel drive does not disengage completely and I decided this was a good way to see if all 4 tires spin or just the back two. I took it in and out a 4 wheel a few times and made sure the correct tires would spin.

Then we took it down and Heath came home for a few minutes. I gave her my keys and she left then Matt and I did the same thing to her car but for a different reason. There is a noise we hear on her car when she is over 40 or so miles per hour. From inside it is hard to tell if it is coming from a certain wheel or underneath or in the engine. Matt and I got it all jacked up and ran the speedometer up to 40 or so but could not tell if it made the same noise or where the noise was coming from.

We decided to wait for Jon and we worked on the karaoke setup in the basement to make improvements to how the computer works and hopefully give it the ability to do 2 microphones at once. Then I went upstairs and tossed some rice and water in a pot and got it going. Then I added in carrots, onions and some other veggies. I cut up all the leftover lil smokies and meatballs from the super bowl and added them in then some shrimp and tomato sauce. I mixed it all up and Heath, Matt and I ate a jambalaya for dinner that was not as good as the original but fairly good.

Then Jon came over and we got to work on the Vue again. He wanted the car higher off the ground so he could listen under it and so we propped it up higher with my jack stands and some rounds from the wood pile.

Then we really ran it fast for a while and Jon listened all over it until he determined some bearings in the front driver side wheel are going out. He believes it’s something we can do and so now we need to find out how much they are and where we can find some. We redid the bearings on my boat trailer last summer but Jon says this will be a lot different and more expensive.

Once we were done playing mechanic we went down stairs for a round of black and tans courtesy of Stooks.

After these delicious beverages we headed to Ugly Joe’s for some less delicious but still good PBR draws.

We got a table and a few rounds and really got after some bar trivia for some reason. After close to two hours we got really good at it when we found out all the questions repeat themselves in the exact same way and order. Eventually our love of fast food overtook our love of cheep beer and we left to get some. The Taco Bell or McDonald’s choice was a tough call and we were split for a while then decided to get Taco Bell. We took it home to eat and drink some water then went to bed. It was late and would have been a short night but work was canceled from snow so I got extra rest.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good idea! i think ill stop and get the ingredients on the way home today.

  2. brotherjohn says:

    forgot to log in

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