All weekend Jon was complaining of a sore throat and we went to the store for several throat soothing products. We all were very careful not to drink after him.

Last night after dinner my throat started to feel scratchy and slowly worsened as the night went on. Now it’s really sore and feels swollen.

So I am home sick now.

So thats why I am running late and not at work today. I’m sure I’m contagious so I stayed home. After work last night I got some water boiling and put in the beans I had soaked last week. The beans from a bag thing is new for me. If it is new for you too here is the process. You put the dry beans in water and let them soak for 6-8 hours. Then drain the beans and rinse them, then simmer them in water for 1.5 to 2 hours, then drain and rinse and they are edible.

So the taco salad Heath and I wanted to eat took forever to cook because the beans are so slow. While we were waiting Heath cleaned out her car and vacuumed it all and I put some stuff from the weekend back in my shop then split some wood. I could not make much progress on the wood so I decided to change up my attack and got out a couple of wedges and bury them in the nastiest chunks of wood.

This worked really good and I got several of the nasty guys split and stacked before dinner.

Eventually all the beans softened and we made our taco salads. After dinner we watched some tv and worked around the house I took off Heath’s wheel and inspected the bearing to determine what kind she needs and I split some more wood and hung out with Stooks a bit. Then I left to go to work. I did some updating and other things that work best at night when no one is around but was done in about an hour. Then I came home had some nachos and went to bed. Heath was playing soccer for a while but came home shortly after me.

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