Before After and Durring The Turkey Dinner

Friday I was better and when I got home I went downstairs and got some laundry started and straitened the basement a bit then went upstairs when Heath and Peanut got home. We played for a bit and worked on cleaning up the house a bit and I made a crock pot full of cocktail wieners and got the turkey ready. Then Peanut and I went to Price Chopper and got some beer and wine and flowers and then we went to the Redbox machine in the store and waited forever for some foreign guy to pick out a movie then I lifted Peanut up and he wanted about every movie he saw so it was easy to convince him to get…

We went home and ate some Cheesy Tuna Helper and some peas and apple sauce and cottage cheese and pepperoni. Peanut ate a whole bunch and easily cleaned his plate. Then we went downstairs and watched the movie while I made some tortilla roll up things.

Peanut was not all that into the movie and kept stealing the roll ups I was making. Eventually I was able to make a whole plate full and the scratched DVD got stuck so we decided to turn off the movie and head upstairs. Peanut went to bed and Heath watched the rest of the movie and I kinda watched while I shopped for ceiling fans on craigslist.

In the morning we skipped breakfast and got after our todo list and started getting the house ready for a turkey fry. We cleaned and set up and straitened until lunch then met Heath’s mom, brother, sister, aunt, and uncle at Waldo Pizza for the lunch buffet.

After lunch we went home and Peanut laid down for a nap and we worked on the house some more until we were all ready. Peanut took a long time to fall asleep and at 4:30 I got out the turkey and the oil pot and everything we would need and started the burner to heat up the oil. Heath and I injected the bird with a bottle of honey terriaki injecting marinade and rubbed it down with some Cajun seasoning.

Once the oil got up to about 325 degrees I lowered in our turkey.

gently. The next hour or so I hung out by the fryer and had some Miller high lifes and tried to keep the temperature between 325 and 350.

After about an hour I checked the temp of the meat inside the thigh and breast and it was all cooked. I turned off the burner and headed inside with the turkey. Our guests started to arrive and Peanut got up from his nap. We had some drinks and appetizers until almost everyone showed up then I carved the turkey and we dug in.

Grown up table:

Kids table ( – Peanut):

Everyone claimed to enjoy the turkey and all the other food was really good too and we ate it up then got out some brownies, cake and two kinds of pie. The kids played some games for a while and actually got kinda rowdy. It started snowing pretty hard and there was a brief snowball fight on the deck.

Then in was getting late and we wanted Peanut to wind down before bed so we started a movie. Peanut watched the movie and my sister and cousin fell asleep.

Then everyone started to leave and we got Peanut in bed. Heath and I cleaned up a bit then relaxed on the couch and watched some bad horror movie called Silent Hill

After the movie we went to sleep. Sunday we cleaned up and Peanut and I had a massive Nerf gun fight then Heath went to Church and Peanut and I went to my office to get my last years tax stuff then we ate a quick lunch and went to Matt’s parents house to have his dad look at this years taxes. Mine took like 15minutes and Heath’s took much longer. Then we headed home and Peanut took a nap and Matt and I headed to Jon’s to drywall.

The drywall project went well. It started off kinda hairy with being on week ladders and holding heavy stuff up high and live wires around but it could have been worse and each piece was in a better spot and easier to do. Luckily Jon’s homemade scaffolding never broke and our discussions of what to do if we fell out the window turned out to be pointless. I think the whole thing took about 2 hours and really looked pretty good once it was all hung. Then Matt and I went home got Heath and Peanut and went to Chelly’s for dinner. We stuffed our faces with Mexican food margaritas and beers (or milk in Peanuts case). After dinner we got Peanut in bed and then I fell asleep on the couch too so I went to bed.

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