Home again

Peanut was a sick guy last night and I have stayed home this morning to let him sleep in. I imagine he will watch movies and sleep all day. I’m not sure what I will be up to.


Last night we all got home hungry and grabbed some leftover salad and turkey and microwaved a few baked potatoes. We ate dinner failrly quick then headed to the pet store. We got some crickets for George the anole and looked at all the other pets. We fed Charlie the catfish then headed to the library. Peanut got 5 good kids books, I got a dog book and Heath got a gardening book. Peanut and I and some random kid put together some puzzles for a while before heading home.

We played blocks and stuff for a while then read a book about mice and one about a red lemon then Peanut went to bed.

Update at 10am:

Peanut is up and coughing and runny nose but seems to be energetic. I have been doing some sewing.

Heath and I have bamboo curtains in our room that look cool but let in way too much light even at night time when there is only street lights out. We keep them covered up with a dark sheet 90% of the time and just ocasionally take it down for light durring the day.

That is them now. This morning I cut the sheet in half then sewed it to the backside of the curtains. This way the backside gets the dark light blocking material and the front still looks nice. I made lots of little nots like this.

I think I am realy pleased with the way it turned out. The curtain works normally looks alright and blocks a lot of light.

Peanut got up about the time I had one done and is drinking some juice and ate some cereal. I gave him a vitamin and we watched some cartoon w/ the super globetrotters and a Dora the Explorer episode.

I am trying to keep him laying arround on the couch.

We are about to read some books from last night and get Peanut some cough surup.

UPDATE AT 12:45pm

I got pics from lunch if intrested but we read all 5 books from the library then played duplos a bit and then I made lunch. Peanut did not want mac and cheese or chicken nugets or PB&J or soup or can of ravioli.  So I made some nachos w/ lots of cheese and cut up the last of the leftover turkey and put in in them and I opened us up some green beans shrimp and apple sauce. Also I took ritz crackers and made peperoni and cheese sandwiches with them. Now we are eating some cookies and ice cream then laying down for a nap.


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