Busy weekend with the new guy

Stephen and Becky’s dog Kayley (left) with Barry (right)

So Thursday and Friday were crazy days at work and after work. Friday I got out of work around 6pm and drove strait down to Pleasenton to meet up with Kelly and Barry. We met at a gas station and tried to get Barry pee then loaded him up in my home built dog transporter. I got home at about 8:30 and let him in the backyard. Jon showed up then KK and Chiaki then Geoff and we all played with Barry for a while then moved into the basement and left Barry outside to explore the new yard. Heath came home and KK and Chiaki left and around 11 or 12 we headed to Waldo. We had a drink at Bobby Bakers then moved across the street to Tanners for a while then got some McDonald’s and came home.

Saturday morning it was light out and we got to spend some real time with Barry. I had a blanket in my truck for him to lay on Friday night and moved that into the dog house when we got home and he found it and slept in the dog house. I checked on him before and after we went to the bar and both times he was in there. Durring the day he likes to lay in the sun or occasionally against the dog house.

He was terrified of climbing the stairs on the deck but eventually got comfortable and we have decided to keep his food and water up there. Heath Barry and I all ate breakfast on the deck then Heath and I had to leave to go to Home Depot for our Tile Class.


We found Geoff then the tile area and waited around a while for the class to start. We were the only 3 in the class and eventually we had an older lady show up and start the class. She seemed like she knew what she was talking about and was not bad to listen to. Another staff guy showed up and listened to her and helped out a bit. Eventually the lady got busy and he took over the class. It was his first day at Home Depot and he had been laying tile as a job before that so he knew a lot about it. He did a great job of teaching us how to do it and had answers for all our questions. He was familiar with many products and told us if we needed them or not and on what types of jobs. We even looked at different saws and stuff with him figuring out what would be best for us. I really liked this guy and was glad he took over. We spent an hour and a half going over everything.

Then we were hungry and went to China Star across the street and got after the buffet. It really hit the spot. After lunch we went home to play with Barry and got him loaded up in the truck again then drove part of the way to Price Chopper. Then we got him out and went for a walk on the trail near there.

Barry did good on the walk. He does not know not to cut us off yet and he wants to go play with any dog he sees but otherwise good. He never went to the bathroom and we played near the water a lot and he would not drink from the creek.

I went into price choppper while Heath and Barry played and got 2 arm loads of groceries then walked back to the truck. We drove home and saw the neighbors on the way home out for a walk. Stephen and Becky got home when we did and brought the dogs over to play and meet Barry.

They all ran around and did a lot of sniffing but seemed to get along fine. Soon after Heath and I got ready and headed to North KC to hang out with Brian and Courtney. We hung out there all night and enjoyed the weather on deck, grilled some kabobs, experienced the amazing new basement and had some drinks. My tire had been getting low all day and had been meaning to fill it. At Brian’s it got really flat much faster and we found a nail in it.

Sunday I got up early and played with Barry some. Then Heath and I grilled some burgers and and ate on the deck with Barry. Then we took him to my mom’s house so I could feed her dog and let Barry play with him. I also did some searching around in my dads workshop and found all his old tile tools.

So I was really glad I had not boughten a bunch of stuff at Home Depot because I think we have everything we need now.

Heath and I have tile ideas for many areas of the house though so I may invest in a wet saw anyway.

The dogs played good and I got Nick fed then we headed to Wal-Mart for a few things including dog bowls. We played with Barry for a while and visited with Jon a while before he left for Ohio for 3 weeks then we took Barry for a 1mile run and he did really good. I think he did better then he did on the walk. I kept him right next to me on the left side and he just jogged along. Then I grilled some pork chops and mashed some potatoes and made some vegetable medley and Heath made some Gravy and we had a great dinner. Then it rained and I worked on some stuff around the house and cleaned up the garage and plugged the hole in my tire.

We crashed on the couch for a bit after that then went to bed.

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