We are sophisticated wine tasters

It looks like it is going tobe cold today but get warmer and warmer the next few days.

Mar 7
Few Snow Showers
30°/14° 30%

Mar 8
Mostly Sunny
40°/28° 20%
Mar 9
Mostly Sunny
45°/25° 10%
Mar 10
Mostly Sunny
52°/37° 10%
Mar 11
Partly Cloudy
54°/34° 20%

Yeah weather and theprewitt all in one place today (sorry if you don’t live in KC)

Tonight after work I will go pick up Peanut and introduce him to Barry I am thinking about a short trip to the park or just all of us playing in the backyard, driveway or garage depending on how cold it feels. Heath will get home late but I’m not sure what we will get into. Durring the day tomorrow I have a couple of projects to work on but If it is nice out I may do something fun instead. Tomorrow night I am thinking about a barrel or campfire and grilling some burgers and hanging out outside a bit. Peanut has been asking to go camping and it is still too cold for him to camp but barrel/campfire is fairly close.

So enough about my future how about last night. I got off work and Stephen brought the dogs over and all 3 of them were wound up from a day of nothing to do so they ran their buts off. Barry tried to sniff the girls buts off and even tried to jump on top of them some. Hope and Kayley were to fast and uninterested in his business though. After probably 30 minutes of dog time I went inside to make a dinner plan and realized I was out of dog food. I also needed to get money for Heath’s car repair and return the $200 tool O’Reilly had loaned me.

Matt and I decided to leave at 6 and run these errands then go to Royal Liquor for a wine tasting.

I took Barry for a short strict walk and then Matt and I left. The part return was quick and painless. The dog food took a while longer because there are so many choices in brands and flavors and sizes of bags and they all sound so tasty in their colorful bags. I decided to go with the giant 40lbs bag of Always Save generic dog food. It was $5 and should last us months. I also got some always save dog biscuits for $1.30 and spent $4 on a big heavy bone. The bone looked great to chew on, it has some meat left on it and looked to have been smoked or something.

Kinda like this

Then Matt and I went to the liquor store/gas station. We drove back and saw the store was full of people that looked like they were in a line. We also noticed the parking lot was full. We decided to see what it was all about anyway and went in. There were probably 15 tables w/ 2-4 bottles of wine on each table. We had some trouble finding glasses but eventually did and found an empty table and decided to try it first. Instinctively I poured a glass of wine then realized it should have been a taste not a glass. I gave Matt 1/2 and we moved on quickly hiding our overfull glasses in our mouths.

I’m not sure how long we wondered the store but I know it was well over an hour and with no dinner in our bellies we felt the wine in no time. It was a bit awkward at first but soon we figured out how great it was. Matt was worried about not knowing anything about wine but the free drinks got him over that in no time. I can’t guess how many tastes of wine we had or how close we were to tasting them all but the only thing that stopped us was a fear of being able to get home, fear of dropping a glass or something and our empty stomaches.

We headed down the street to Creekside Bar and Grill because it was close and we had never had the food there. Matt got a "Huge" Chicken fried steak that was tasty but average in size and I got a basket of chipotle pulled pork nachos that were decent. We got a couple beers that tasted strange after all the wine and barely finished them before heading home to veg out for a while and go to bed.

At home I fed Barry and he ate a big bowl of the new cheep dog food and I did not see any problems yet. He was eager to eat another bowl this morning.


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    similar results to me eating b&g and drinking a tall glass of apple juice, dogs do not like to have their food switched on them . . . i just pray berry isn’t going to tijuana later.

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