This is from Saturday night:

I didn’t bring my camera to work yesterday so this morning was my first chance to check out the karaoke night pictures. Look how happy Stooks is

Well as you know my grill side table is complete and it has been just sitting in the garage to make sure it is all dry and the weather has been to bad to grill anyway. Well last night after work I took out a couple steaks and decided rain or shine I was going to take the grill table to the deck and put it to use.

Before dinner though Heath and Stooks and I wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and we decided to do so with some Guinness and coffee with Baileys in it.

First we drove out to The daily Limit at Holmes and Red Bridge but the people were packed in all the way to the door. I kinda wanted to sit and enjoy my Guinness so we decided to drive on and look for a bar with a table. Our travels took us to Creekside right by our house. Creekside had plenty of empty tables and specials for St. Pat’s day but there was one catch, we had to sit on the old people side.

When you walk in the door at creekside you can turn left or right. The right leads you to the bar with stools along it and small tall tables around it, if you turn left it is more of a restaurant with normal low tables, lights and waitresses. For some reason the bar side was full of young folks and the restaurant side was full of grandparents.

We shrugged it off and in no time decided to eat there instead of go home and started getting after our Irish drinks. I went all out and did the corned beef and cabbage plate, Heath and Matt got sandwiches. Our bellies were quite pleased in no time and the Guinness was weighing on our stomaches and minds so we headed out. Matt had a soccer game to get to later that night and Heath and I had come up with a Wal-Mart plan.

We took Matt home, put something strong in a water bottle then went to Wal-mart. We drank down the water bottle in the parking lot, got some gum and weaved our way into the store to set up our Wedding Registry.


It started out a bit confusing because to set one up you go to the jewelry counter instead of customer service and no one was working the jewelry counter but it quickly turned out to be the coolest place to register. Why so cool you ask?

Reason 1: We never had to talk to anyone. (remember this is a very good thing after our St. Pats celebration)

Reason 2: I got to carry a gun. (price gun thing that reads bar codes)

Reason 3: Wal-Mart carries everything and everything was fair game.

So we picked a corner and started wondering up and down each isle scanning anything we thought we needed or we thought would be funny or anything the laser happened to hit as we were walking by.


It started out lots of fun and we giggled as we scanned the roll of duct tape and discussed in length what 40 inch flat screen would be a better gift. After a lot of walking and scanning we sobered up and got a bit worn out. We knew we had to purchase Easter supplies and some groceries once done with the registry but we forged on. We did not mess with the food, baby or clothing sections so we finished surprisingly quick. The end of the registry was painless as well we put the price gun back and played with the little screen for a bit and all our stuff was there.


So we did our shopping at a speedy pace and got some great stuff including a big Easter surprise for Peanut.



Then we headed home and had a snack and watched How I met your Mother before heading to bed.


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3 Responses to Green

  1. thePrewitt says:

    they didnt give me much mosly meat and potatoes so maybe a tiny bit more farts.


    did the cabbage make your farts smell like mcclernon?

  3. Heather says:

    I think he had an unusually slow night in the Fart department, cabbage or not.  I didn’t have to leave the room or almost throw-up in my mouth at all!

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