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I think I am upset with Wal-Mart. We are not fighting yet but my feelings are hurt.

I’m not ready to talk about it yet though.

We started off the evening by taking Berry to the asphalt trail south of our house for some walking, some tip toeing around the water and mud and even a bit of running. We drove Berry to the trail in the back of the truck with no crate and he was pretty good in the back. Then we walked west until the trail was too under water and the ground around it was too muddy and wet. We turned around and walked back to where we parked then ran Berry east to the end of the trail and back.

He still seemed full of energy so we took off the leash in a grassy area next to the truck and tried to play fetch. There were too many new trees and things to sniff for him to be interested in chasing a ball. Then something strange happened in the grass was a water spicket and electrical box that looked like someone had driven into them and bent them over a bit. Berry walked close to it then let out a terrible yelp and ran as fast as he could behind the truck. We called him over to us and petted him and he seemed fine but was obviously upset about something and was in quite the cowering position.

Heath examined the electrical box and it did not seem like any wires were exposed and we did not actually see Berry touch it but we decided not to play here anymore and loaded Berry in the truck to head home.

Once home and Berry was fed and watered Heath went out with some friends and I ran a mile then went down to the shop to work on an Easter project for Heath’s mom. A few weeks ago I cut this board out and Heath put padding on it and upholstered it.

Then last night I came up with a plan and cut all my boards and somewhat put it together. I made sure everything fit then laid out all the boards and put a coat of primer on them.

Well actually once I got them all cut and laid out Heath came home and we were ready for dinner so I got started priming and she took over for me while I ran upstairs and tossed some steak and sweet potatoes on the grill and some green beans in a pan.

She finished priming and I finished grilling and we ate up the steaks and watched 1/2 an episode of Dirt. Once I was done eating I grabbed the laptop and through a free website together for Heath to use as a wedding website. It took about 15 minutes to set up but is not ready for public viewing yet.

Then I went downstairs to put a 2nd coat of paint down but found the paint not dry yet so we got Matt and Amanda came over and we headed up the street to Ugly Joe’s for a couple of $0.50 20oz draws. It took us a long time to drink these and it was pass my bedtime when we got home so I showered off all the berry stink, run stink, shop stink and bar stink and went to bed.

Whats that you want to know what my project is? You mean you can’t tell from a bunch of white boards and a piece of padding? Well it’s a kneeler of course.

something like this:

Heath’s mom really wants one in her house and I think if I screw together a dozen boards we can give her one. My plan did not consider the ability to fold up for storage so I may need to make some changes but we will see. I got my second coat of primer down this morning so tonight I should be able to assemble it.





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  1. Anonymous says:

    walmart is everything that is great in this country.  i buy nearly everything there and don’t see any need to change… but then again there are no other stores in pittsburg.


    i went to wal-mart yesterday to get a new microwave yesterday and i decided i have a lot of problems with the wal-mart at 75th and I-35

    1)  That place is filty.  I felt like I needed to shower after leaving.  The floors, the walls, the people, and the products, all dirty and disgusting and I think the people that shop there are on a steady diet of speghetti-o’s.  

    2)  It’s like thunderdome in there.  There’s no rules, no manners, no-holds-barred.   I was almost run into about five or six times, I said excuse me to each of the people and was never returned an excuse me.  There were unmonitored kids all over the place, and there was no traffic flow, there were people facing sideways blocking the whole aisle so no one could get through.  

     3)  I was not hit by falling prices.  When I’m there, I want some good deals, I didn’t see one falling price while I was there.  Disappointing.

     Eff you wal-mart . . . i wish k-mart was still around.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are a target family.  I had many experiences that mirror Kev-bos and I will not give them anymore of my money. 

    That accompanied with the fact that the entire Wal-Mart fortune is blown on buying college degrees for idiot daughters who can’t cover their tracks, enormous boats at the ozarks and MU.

    All three of which I think are ruining our world. 


  4. Anonymous says:

    For a Target family, you sure spend a lot of time at Walmart. 

  5. Heather says:

    Who are you?

  6. Ge-off says:

    I think the first anonymous is Ben.

  7. Stooks says:

    The second anonymous was me.  For some reason I thought the first was Heath, Hintz my comment. 

  8. thePrewitt says:

    I said my feelings were a bit hurt, I still love wal-mart.

  9. Heather says:

    we’ll get you converted by the end of this ordeal.  Only time will tell.

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