I cooked an omlet in a plastic bag for breakfast

Peanut comes home tonight so last night we tried to get a lot of things done so we can play more tonight. I immediately started working on the yard and it was a great day to do so. This fall I opted not to rake in hopes that all my leaves would blow away or rot or something. Well they didn’t some got really wet and nasty and others congregated in large piles and the reset just spread out all over the yard. I have started to worry about the leaves causing trouble for my grass. My grass my have a tough time growing through the leaves and the yard looks troublesome with all the rain and snow that has been soaking it all year and now the dog runs all over and digs and just makes bad spots. I can’t do much about the rain or dog trails but I am thinking if I can get the leaves out I can put down some weed and feed and maybe some grass seed to help the grass get thicker and grow out. But I gota get all the leaves out first.

I started out with the lawn mower trying to suck them up in the bagger. The leaves were very overwhelming at first but eventually I figured out the best way to get them all up. The mower worked great in most of the yard but was kinda worthless is corners and up against fences or other areas where large piles of leaves have gathered and gotten soaked into the ground. So the best way to get them up is to rake the large piles and mow the rest.

Heath cleaned the bathrooms after work then came out to run the mower while I raked the piles. It was so nice out and once I realized we were making progress it was fun. At first I thought the leaves would win and I would just have a mud yard all year but the yard really started looking better and better and the grass did not look so bad. At about 6:30 we took a break to talk to Stooks and try to decide what to do with the giant pile of leaves we were creating. We then decided to stop for the day because we needed to eat some and get cleaned up before going to Target. We put a giant tarp and some rocks on our leaf pile so it would not spread out then headed in.

Tonight after work I hope to finish the back yard at least. We need to rake along the edge of part of 2 fences and mow the lower 1/2 of the yard. I dont think it will take long, maybe an hour or so. I have not even looked at my front yard for leaves yet.

So we headed in and I jumped in the shower, racking was dirty work and I was filthy. We decided we were not really hungry so just grabbed some cinnamon rice cakes and headed to Target to register.

By this point the excitement of registering has started to wear out, a big reason for this is that we were basically looking for things we had already registered for at Wal-Mart but needed to redo because their setup was so bad. So once again we went to customer service got a scan gun then started in one corner and wandered up and down every isle looking for things to scan. I have not gotten a chance to look at our Target registry yet but it seemed to work really well from the store side. I have to admit we found some cool stuff at Target we didn’t look for or find at Wal-Mart like silverware and knives and dishes but some things we really liked from Wal-Mart we could not find as good or better things at Target. I still need to look through the site and get things we missed and change quantities and then find things on the website we missed.

We wondered the store from 7-9pm then turned in our stuff and headed home. Heath quickly left for her softball game and I cooked up a mini burrito and some tortilla chips then headed to work.

I needed to do some restarting of servers and things that seem to go best when no one is using them and I wanted to get it done before Peanut comes home. I could probably do it from home but I worry about something going wrong and taking us off the air or something and forcing me to rush in and fix something. So I just drove in and did it all in person and then came home. I hung with Stooks for a bit and broke out my bottle of brandy and two glasses.

We sipped down two glasses of the distilled wine and it didn’t kill us but it didn’t convince us to become cheep brandy drinkers instead of cheep beer drinkers. I was quite hungry by this point and when Heath headed home from softball I found she would be up for a late dinner too so I cooked us up a quick shrimp veggy garlic dish and we gobbled it up before bed.



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5 Responses to I cooked an omlet in a plastic bag for breakfast

  1. Heather says:

    I also enjoyed the omlet.  It did seem different, but that is just because I’m not used to boiled scrambled eggs I suppose. It tasted good.

  2. Heather says:

    We won our softball game, despite the wind (and our opponent’s) attempt to destroy us!

  3. thePrewitt says:

    after some review I discovered Target’s registry to have the same problem as Wal-Mart just not as bad.

    Also Tony, (aka Ponch, Pony, Garden hose) will be in town tonight and tomorow night. Please keep small children indoors.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s the deal?  Did you end up eating plastic?

  5. thePrewitt says:

    It was good. I got a pan of water boiling put 2 eggs a bit of cheese and a bit of ham in a ziplock bag then tossed it in, I tried to get no air in the sack with it. I pulled out the sack a bit later and the omlet slid right out an onto my plate. I cut it in half and ate 1/2 leaving 1/2 for heath.

    no melted plastic

    no wierd plastic taste

    decided a bit of salt and pepper would help but otherwise a win 

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