Happy Easter

Surprisingly Peanut is not excited about the bike just the Mike and Ike candy in the egg.

Well Friday after work I got raking and mowing and seemingly in no time the back yard was done. I just need to figure out what to do with the pile of leaves. Then I grilled some chicken breasts and burgers and vegetables and salad and boiled 2 dozen eggs. After dinner we got out the crayons and the eggs and started coloring with Heath’s cousins.

Heath’s cousins left and my mom, brother, sister and their friends showed up with 3 dozen more eggs and we continued to color but also got out the the dye.

We had two dye stations going most of the time but several eggs had cracks and other imperfections so we got some hot water going and some of the plastic wrapper things and started dipping some eggs in the water to seal them in plastic and hold the guts in.

We dyed and colored and wrapped eggs until it was really late for Peanut. We eventually got all the eggs done and he went to bed. We went downstairs and played Wii for a while then everyone left and Heath and I went to bed.

In the morning Heath cooked us pancakes and I cooked us some bacon then we went to Home Depot.We needed garden soil, weed and feed and got me an Easter present. Peanut was getting the new bike pictured above, Heath got some new running shoes and I got this bad boy.

It will live under the deck where the hose hookup is and give us a place to clean up before heading inside and a place to store the hose and all our tools and stuff we need for the new garden we hope to plant this spring.

When we got back from home depot we got out some seeds, some soil, and some little carten things for planting seeds.

We planted:

10 Big Boy Tomatoes
10 Early Girl Tomatoes
10 Hot Cayenne Peppers
10 JalapeƱo Peppers
and 10 mixed peppers and tomatoes.

First we filled the cartons with dirt, then put a few seeds in each square then put more dirt on top then got out the watering can so Peanut could give them all a drink.

The seeds say they should be planted 6-8 weeks inside before they will grow and be transplanted outside and so that is what we are going to shoot for. They are next to a window in the garage that should give them lots of sun and as long as we keep them watered they should be in good shape.

Saturday was a fairly nice day and that was good because Berry had a friend. His brother Berry stayed with us all weekend.



Friday night Kelly brought Steve and Ranger over to play and the dogs ran and jumped and played for several hours. Then she took Ranger with her and left Steve to hang out with his brother the rest of the weekend. Berry is about 65lbs and Steve maybe 70 or so. They are about the same build and size but different colors and Steve is a bit thicker. Steve will probably end up living at Kelly’s forever but she already has a handful with Ranger so if you know anyone looking for a good dog let me know.

After gardening and lunch Heath and Peanut went to see Horton Hears a Who and I planned to work on the sink and stuff around the house but instead Jon came over and we drove around the KS river looking for a spot to have bonfires sometime. We did not have much luck and when we got home we decided to move the dog house. We went back to Home Depot and got two furniture dollys.

Tony showed up from Pittsburg and so we requited him and Heath to help and we laid out some plywood and tipped the house up on the dollys then rolled it along the plywood path. This house is crazy heavy and wheels tore through the wood but we muscled it to the corner of the yard and got it nicely placed down and leveled in no time. Then I cooked some burgers and we ate and watched the KU game. Tony Jon and I went to Waldo for a few beers then I left them and came home to play Easter Bunny with Heath. In the morning we found eggs at our house then went to church with my family. Then to mom’s for lunch, and and egg hunt.

(Yes Heath, Peanut and I match and are total nerds)

At our house and Mom’s house Peanut was the only kid so he had all the eggs to himself and had to find way too many eggs.

He did not seem to mind though and had lots of fun. We left Mom’s early and went to Heath’s Aunt and Uncles house to catch their lunch and then the easter egg hunt with many more kids bigger and smaller and Peanut learned to be quicker to get the eggs.

The we went home and vegged out watching Nemo, napping and playing registry online. (I think it is done just need to put it on a website and promote it)

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