a handful of peanuts to quiet the tummy

Any guess what these are?

Hint: we ate them for dinner and loved them. recipe to follow

OK I want to tell you about my night but first I am excited about a few things and want to talk about them.

1. Craigslist Firefox Plugin:

If you use Firefox to look at stuff on the web read on.
If you visit craigslist.org when looking at stuff online read on.
If you like pictures read on.

Digg found my new favorite Firefox extension. Go to http://www.craigstoolbox.com/post/Ad-Preview-Extension-for-Firefox.aspx and download this then restart Firefox and go to craigslist. It is great little pictures right on the main screen for you to enjoy.

2. Missing mustache:

I’m not sure if you noticed but I shaved this weekend. I assume spring is coming soon and I wanted a clean shaven look for Easter gatherings. Usually my transition from beard to clean shaven has a weekend or so in the middle where I have some silly facial hair like a mustache.

(my last transition weekend)

This time I just shaved it all off at once and went about my business. I found out people hate this, Heath was visibly shaken and asked that I ask her permission before shaving next time, Stooks was very upset when I came downstairs without my beard and no one has seemed happy about seeing my chin. I realized the transition weekend is very important. By shaving something silly before going clean shaven people get a couple days to laugh at the beard being gone, they know the clean shaven look is coming and they are actually eager to see the silly mustache go away so they don’t feel bad for staring. So be warned, I know I learned my lesson.

3. Chicken and Pork stickers:

To make dinner last night I dethawed some pork steaks and a large chicken breast then trimmed off the fat and cut them into long thin strips as best I could after avoiding bones and holes from fat. Then I took the strips and stuck them into skewers being careful to keep the meat thin and spread out along the stick.

Once I had all the meat on a stick I sprinkled some Cajun seasoning on them, rubbed it in, then got a small cup and mixed up worshire sauce, honey, BBQ and soy sauce to a thick liquid. I basted all the meat then put it on the grill on high. I basted again with any sauce that was on the plate. Then flipped them over and basted again with the last of my cup. We served them with steamed broccoli and carrots and brown rice. The meat cooked fast and I just had to turn them and move them around a few times.

The taste and smell was great and eating anything especially meat on a stick is always a treat. Peanut did not put up a fight about eating dinner at all and If I had more chicken ones he may have not stopped eating.


OK we are ready to talk about my day. I came home and cooked the above recipe then we ate it up.


Dinner went fast and we had no leftovers. We quickly cleaned up the table and hopped in the car to run errands. First we went to Waldo Pets and got crickets for Fireman Sam (the frog), and George (the anole). We looked at the puppies and fish and shark and fed the koi and catfish. Our friend the big blue catfish Charlie was no where to be seen and at our last trip he never surfaced for food so we worried about him but after asking the front desk we found he was moody and hide at the bottom for a week or two every once in a while.

Once we knew Charlie was safe we headed to the library to get Peanut 5 new books, 2 movies and I picked out 2 books. One of mine is about tile and shows some different techniques and more importantly lots of pictures with different ideas about patterns and stuff. My other book was a small no picture book about the theory of dog training and IF I can get myself to read it I will probably be able to train Berry to be a Frisbee dog.

After the library we headed to Aldi. We were out of lots of things and so unleashed on the store as we do every few weeks. We filled the top and part of the bottom with groceries. We got most of our staples like fruit, potatoes, burger patties, etc but we also got some new Asian noodles and frozen waffles for Peanut and I got kinda excited about the kitchen full of food we would have.

Peanut was really good the whole trip and when we got in the checkout lane he spotted a really cool toy bulldozer and we could not say no.

He was very excited and told the cashier and everyone else that he was getting a bulldozer and waffles and actually did a great job of getting ready for bed when we got home. He put on pajamas and I made us a little snack and we played with the bulldozer then read a book about pirates while he ate the crackers with pepperoni and cheese on them and then he brushed his teeth and we read a book about

dragons before going to bed.



I headed out to Geoff’s to see his newly tiled bathroom and pick up my tile tools. It looked good and made me eager to get after my basement floor or something.


When I got home I changed and then went for a run with Berry. We jogged about 1/2 a mile then sprinted for what seemed like miles but was probably 2 blocks, then we walked home. The sprinting got me out of breath but Berry was somehow not even panting. I’ve read not to run Berry very far so I considered dropping him at home then running farther but instead I dropped him off in the garage then grabbed a beer and headed over to Stephen’s to drink it while he and Stooks and Nate played pool. Then I took a shower, watched some TV, played computer, got a handful of peanuts, and went to bed.

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    the pic of you eating the chicken/pork is good stuff.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    are you sure it was not classic just because you had just seen me eating pizza with a mustachace moments earlier?

  3. Ge-off says:

    I just downloaded and installed that plug-in for Firefox and then went to Craigslist.  I like this one.  Good find.

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