stay away rain

Here is Peanut standing in front of a beautiful flower bed. But where does such a nice flowerbed exist?
Read on to find out.

Friday after work it was really nice out and I started the evening digging in the yard and playing with Berry. Heath and Peanut came home and we took Berry for a short walk then went inside to cook dinner. We had a 1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 Hawaiian pizza from Papa Murphy’s left over so we cooked it up and added onion, hamburger, jalapeƱos and cheese. We also ate some salad with our pizza. After dinner we watched tv with Peanut and played until bedtime. Once Peanut was in bed Matt and I had a beer on the deck with Heath then headed to the power and light district to meet up with our friend Mike who was in town from Denver.

We got down there and found the bar ok then found a parking spot not in a garage a few blocks later. The power and light district was a new bar experience for us. We entered the neighborhood of bars and were carded and got giant circular stamps on our hands. Then we walked into a large open area surrounded by 2 stories of bars. This open area is the most enjoyable part of the district. There are little gas fires and chairs and places to congregate and talk or people watch and there are even little outside beer vendors. Unfortunately this was not where we were headed. We got in a long but fast moving line and waited for our turn to pay $5 to get into the bar. We got in to Tango Sed Cantina fairly quickly and even found Mike and a various assortment of old friends from high school.

I was fairly miserable for the next hour or two. The bar was a dance club and very loud which made talking to Mike and old high school folks nearly impossible. There were lines for the bathroom, lines for the bar, and lines to move from one spot to another. I picked the bathroom line first and then while in my line back to the area where Mike had been I saw an opening at the bar and jumped in. I was glad to have gotten to a bar so easily only to wait 20 minutes leaning against the wood with everyone else getting squished from the sides and behind.

Luckily we did not have to stay all night and got out fairly early. On the way home we needed to refresh our minds on good bars and stopped by Tommy Farha’s at last call for some $1.50 bud light draws. There was one other lady in the bar and we didn’t order at the same time or anything as her so no wait at all. I went to bed after that and Mike and Matt played in the basement.

In the morning everyone got ready and headed to Georgie Porgies for breakfast.

Mike and Matt got huge plates of breakfasts but mine was kinda small. Peanut engulfed his pancakes, sausage and eggs. It was a decent meal with a strange waitress in a bit of a strange place and I kinda missed Gomer’s a few blocks away.

After breakfast Mike left, Matt went downstairs, Heath started working and Peanut and I played outside. I dug up grass and ran the tiller and just tore up everything I could in our front flower box area. The area had a few nice plats a few questionable plants, a ton of weeds and a thick layer of crabgrass. I worked on the area till Heath left for a shower then Matt, Peanut and I went to Wal-Mart for various supplies. I mostly needed some plastic stuff that you put down to keep weeds and stuff from growing.

After Wal-Mart Peanut took a nap I worked some more till Heath came home. Then Peanut got up and played in the drive while Heath and I laid plastic laid bricks and spread mulch.

We transplanted a few plants but mostly destroyed them and covered them with plastic and much.

We lined the whole garden in brick to keep the mulch in and make it look cool.

There is a fairly large open area but I think we will find something for it.

I wish I had taken more pictures during the process. before and after type stuff but I didn’t and I was filthy all day so I never got the camera. We were pretty pleased with the final product and especially glad the brick and mulch was all free from craigslist so plastic and braun was all it took.

Once done we quickly cleaned up the tools and yard then went in and cleaned up us and started on dinner and cleanup. At 7 Jon and his parents showed up for dinner. We grilled burgers and fried fries and had a few beers and played with Berry and Peanut and I think everyone had a good time. The food all turned out pretty good and Peanut was very outgoing and fun. After dinner we watched the end of the KU game and then our guests left and we got Peanut in bed. Heath and I were beat and crashed on the couch for a bit. Matt came home and had a couple beers with us and talked about our days before we went to bed.

In the morning we ate a quick breakfast then took a full truck load of stuff over to my mom’s house. I had her lawn mower, two new extra large dog crates and a couple of big suit cases. Then we went home and I cut a large board with Stephen and his table saw then got cleaned up ate some lunch and headed out to Heath’s Aunt and Uncles house. We were there the rest of the day chatting, grilling and watching Peanut drive his tractor. We had some nice steaks and got home just before 8. Peanut never got a nap and could barely keep his eyes open so went strait to bed when we got home. Heath and I digested for a bit did a couple workout videos then went to bed too.


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