Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea

For some reason I like this stuff? Maybe Stooks is rubbing off on me. I still like my ice tea regular and unsweetened though for those of you keeping track.

Well I had an itch to be productive last night. I have a lot of projects on my plate and didn’t want to be one of those guys that starts a bunch of projects but never finishes them.

1st the garden:
After work I got out the tiller and with the help of some carb cleaner got it started and and turned it loose on one of the little garden boxes on the side of our yard. It went quite a bit easier then the area in the front yard. It was less muddy and the dirt was ready to be broken up and mixed around. Later on in the night I found a bunch of giant metal bolts in the shop and hammered them into the ground then added string to make rows.

The rows should help me keep track of where my seeds are planted and help me keep them spaced apart. I only ran string on the first 3 rows in case I don’t get all my seeds down before it rains again. Heath and I got quite a few packets of seeds last weekends and some should probably already be in the ground and others can wait till next month or so. I am a bit worried about Berry getting along with the garden. My rows were still there this morning though and it did not apear that he had dug any in the garden yet. Also I know from the time he grabbed a shishkabob that he does not like vegetables.

2nd the electric line:
Ok so last weekend I ran electricity to the dog house and the next morning somebody had pulled the line up. So last night I dug a deeper hole and did a better job of burying the line.

The problem was not that Berry had dug up the line but he had pulled up the conduit (metal pipe) that the line was in going from the ground to the side of the house. So I did a better job of putting the conduit in, blocked it in with bricks and coated it in hot sauce. Apparently dogs are indifferent about vinegar but they don’t like hot sauce.

3rd the dryer:
I don’t have any pictures but it’s a craigslist story so I know everyone will love it. Well when we moved into the house we put in Heath’s old electric dryer by convincing some friends to run 220 electricity to the laundry room. Everything went great till we used the dryer and the AC kicked on. We woke in the morning with a blown fuse and a hot house. So yesterday I found a working $20 gas dryer on craigslist and Heath and I went to go get it. It looks slightly nicer then our existing one and I hope to sell the electric one for $10 or more bucks. We got it downstairs but had laundry to do so I didn’t even try to take the old one out or put the new one in yet. Also I worry about gas lines and want to do some reading first.

4th the mirrors:
Well the 1/2 finished mirror project has been on my mind. We got our rails up and 5 of the mirrors then let it sit for several days. So last night I broke out the liquid nails and put up the last 5 mirrors. I ran into some major problems with the last mirror not fitting right and all of the mirrors sliding around when I wedged it in. I had to run to Heath for some extra helping hands to get all the mirrors in place and then we ran some masking tape down the seams to help keep them in place. We decided the wall has a bow in it that caused the problem but we made the best of it and I am excited to take down the tape tonight and clean up the glass.

I imagine the mirror project will be stuck in this phase for a while. We have plans for a 3 inch white frame around the outside but I hope to convince my friend Brian to come over to help. Brian has a biscuit joiner for building things like frames and experience making a massive frame around a projection screen.

5th clean the house:
Heath took the lead on this project and got a massive pile of laundry folded and put away and got the dirty laundry cleaning. She vacuumed everything and I did the dishes and put some food in our tummies. The house had gotten fairly dirty over the weekend and last few days and was ready for a good straiting.

That is about it for the night at the end I had a glass of pink lemon aid and watched the office reruns before going to bed.

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  1. thePrewitt says:

    Anyone ever had a burger at LC’s in the northland? supposed to be tasty and I am heading there for lunch today. If you have any suggestions let me know. Ohh just to clearify this is not LC’s BBQ.

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