busy at work again

Heath and I both got home and got out our to do lists.

I got home first and my stomach took over and moved cook and eat dinner to the top of the list. I got chicken and veggies and rice going then let them cook and moved on. I had a pile of tools and building supplies in the family room from our mirror project that needed to go to the shop so took that down. Then I checked on dinner and moved to the guest room. There was a mess from all the computer/tv moving and I hauled all the old stuff downstairs and cleaned up. We had some boxes and stuff to take down too. Heath and I got the room really nice and straitened then she vacuumed.

We got the whole house (but Peanut’s room clean) and dinner ate much faster then I expected. So we moved on down the list and painted Heather’s mom’s kneeler a pretty rose color.

We left it to dry and took some library books back and then went to Aldi

We planned to get fruit and sandwich bags but got overwhelmed and did a bunch of grocery shopping. Most things would be uninteresting but they did have tents on sale for $20. The tents are 7×7 and say 3 man but it does not look much smaller then my 4 man tent. It is lighter and rolls up smaller though so will be nice for backpacking adventures. After Aldi we rushed home and tossed all the groceries into the house. We were running a bit late on a craigslist pickup and they sky was starting to look like this.

I called the guy in Blue Springs but he didn’t answer. He was selling to external frame backpacks for $5. (credit to Tony for finding them) I didn’t want to drive to Blue Springs unless I was sure to get them. So I left him a message asking if we were still on and the tornado sirens went off.

Heath ran in to watch the news and I decided I would probably not be getting the packs. We decided to take advantage of the storm by closing up the upstairs and heading downstairs. Stooks is not around, we never play pool and the basement is safe if a tornado does come.
We opened a bottle of wine and started shooting pool. I put my Pandora radio station on and Heath complained about all the classic country in it. We played for a while then heard the doorbell. Stephen and Becky came by and we all drank some wine and talked till bedtime.

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  1. Heather says:

    that was the name of our game last night!

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