50-75lbs of potatoes here we come

Well Peanut came back on Friday and we started the evening off playing, and eating spaghetti and meatballs. Then Heath fell asleep and Peanut and I played hide and seek and played in the tent. At 8:30 Heath had a softball game and we all went to watch. Peanut and I had raisins, granola bars and juice boxes while we watched the game. Afterwards Peanut went right to bed and I was not far behind him.

Saturday Heath and I both had parties to get to so we quickly ate breakfast and went to the grocery store for supplies. Then we came home and painted the kneeler and got packed and shortly after 1 I left for Stephen’s camping bachelor party. It was windy and a bit brisk when we arrived at Hillsdale but otherwise sunny and nice out.

We broke out the beer and the hackysack and started the day like that. Eventually we got hungry but Brian had a plan for that and we cooked up corn on the cob, baked potatoes, chicken thighs and steaks.

The wind left us and I had a whole pickup full of wood so we had a nice evening by the fire and the rangers only got bored enough to mess with us once. It got cold late but we all pilled into a giant tent and woke up to a great day. We cooked up burritos in the morning then packed up camp.

I got home to find Heath and her mom and brothers and sister and Peanut heading out the door to church. I got cleaned up and then started cooking lunch. After church we had grilled chicken sandwiches with salad, asparagus, fries and strawberries. It was all really good. We hung out for a while then everyone left and Peanut took a nap. Heath and I mowed and tried to work on the riding mower and mowed some more. The mower is running great after my part replacements but the blades are uneven and one side is too low. So the blade cuts the grass down to the dirt on one side and is about the right height on the other side.

We gave up on the riding mower for the day and push mowed all the front and back. Then we started digging little holes in the garden. Peanut woke up and came out to help plant.

We put a potato about 5 inches under ground every 18 inches. Our seed potatoes were already growing long sprouts out of some of the eyes. We filled a garden box almost all the way with potatoes.

I looked over the already planted garden and could not see any signs of life yet but I think we should start to see stuff soon. Berry has stayed out of the garden so far.

After planting we cooked and ate some dinner then took showers then put on pajamas and we all laid down in my bed. We watched King of the Hill and the Simpson’s together. Peanut thinks Bobby Hill is very funny.

I fell asleep a few times for a second or two during the shows but staid awake long enough to tuck Peanut in his own bed then go back to mine.

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