A Big Weekend for Heath and I

We did a lot this weekend and did not get to do much sleeping. I’m just going to list off our activities then talk about the 2 events with the best pictures.

Things we did with no pictures:

mowed our lawn
mowed Stephen’s lawn
breakfast at 39th Street Mamas
fiberglass canoe repair
picked out and got fitted for tux
talked to Drurry hotel about block of hotel rooms
my brother’s graduation reception BBQ
Heath’s cousins wedding reception
dinner and drinks at Creekside

Things we did with pictures part 1:

Stephen and Becky’s wedding

It was a fancy wedding in a fancy place. We started out with the wedding ceremony then drinks and talking and eventually had some fillet mignon for dinner and all the normal wedding stuff like dancing and cake. Matt caught Becky’s leg thing and Amanda caught the flower deal. The Kansas City club had a dinning area with a bar set up, a dance floor area and a drinking and smoking area to sit and hang out in.

When the wedding was over a group of us walked around the corner to Tanners and got some beers and burgers.

Then Jon, Matt, Amanda, Heath and I all took cabaraoke home.

It’s a new taxi service in Kansas City that has a karaoke setup in the cab and you sing on your way home. We went from 10th and Baltimore to 43rd and Troost and sang 3 songs. The ride was $9.50 and he took down our e-mail address to send us a video of our songs and post it on the site.

The video is up on the site above under the videos link.  We have 2 that I could find both from 05/19/2008, Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer and Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline.  The taxi took us to Jon’s house and we should have gone to sleep but instead we got wound up again and stayed up drinking dancing and screwing around.

Things we did with pictures part 2:

The canoe trip

Sunday morning Jon, Amanda, Derrick, Bobby, Heath and I threw together a canoe trip. The girls went to Subway for $5 foot longs and the guys strapped the 2 patched together canoes to Jon’s Bronco.

We dropped off my truck at Bannister then drove out to Blue Ridge Road 6.7 river miles south.

We got started a bit before noon and it was a fantastic day.

We canoed for about 10 minutes before stopping to eat, get a beer take some pictures on a shallow spot. The rest of the day we just rode the river. Occasionally tying the canoes together and just floating down.

We did get into some hairy spots on the river and both canoes tipped once and there were a lot of spots that we drug on or had to push the canoe through. We had 3 people in each canoe and so probably sat a bit lower then normal. This did not seem to bother anyone and we had a blast. We stayed on the river till close to 7 before we got to the truck and loaded everything up.

We drove home and unloaded the canoes and checked them out.

The shallow water had been very rough on them and all the fiberglass Heath and I had put on the bottom of mine had been scraped off. Jon’s was even worse off. We put on dry shirts then headed out for some dinner.

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15 Responses to A Big Weekend for Heath and I

  1. Anonymous says:

    What did you get for breakfast.  The pancakes there are amazing.  Huge portions as well, i have never had a bad breakfast there.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    I had one of the 66 omlets on the menu. Mine had country fried steak, onions and gravy  in it. 

  3. Mistro says:

    That was me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    was everyone required to wear their triathlon shirt if they went on the canoe trip?

    i’m a fan of the deep fried cinnamon roll at 39th Street . . . was haake there?  he was last time i went . . . 

  5. thePrewitt says:

    On the trip everyone either did not bring or took off their t-shirts while on the river. I still have lots of Triathlon T-shirts from deadbeats who ordered one then never paid me for it so Heath loaned them out.

    Haake was there, good call.  

  6. Mistro says:

    Is there a trans-sexual waitress that works there or am i making that up? 

  7. Stooks says:

    There is a tranny, yes.  Her forearms are gigantic.



  9. Heather says:

    Let’s all put Jesus at the end of our post.  Jesus.

  10. Mistro says:

    as long as the forearms look good.



  11. Stooks says:

    Bell Street Mama’s took over Nichols’ location, making "39th Street Mama’s."  They phased out the Mama’s on Bell Street.  Now, only "39th Street Mama’s" remains.  I have seen the tranny at Bell Street Mama’s, and now 39th Street Mama’s.  So, how do you know which tranny anyone is thinking of Ben?  And stop speaking about her in the past tense, like she’s dead or something.  Jesus. 

  12. Stooks says:

    Amazing omelet for me, too.  I used to rely on the 66 Omlet menu, but I’ve been building my own lately.  I had sausage, spinach, mushroom, and cream cheese in there.  Still haven’t tried the french toast, but it’s supposed to be amazing. 

  13. Ben Clark says:

    You are thinking of that huge tranny that worked at Nichols off SW Trafficway.  That was one big citizen.

  14. Mistro says:

    Matt — Nice post.  That was very clear and concise and we are all on the same page now, thanks to you.


    And quit acting like if she was dead, that it would really affect you.  Jesus.

  15. Stooks says:

    Minus the forearms, she is pretty hot. 

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