Seattle Day 2

The ferry to Seattle and more.I’m getting ready for bed but wanted to get a few new pics and stories down real quick.

We woke up Friday morning to the smell of sausage, bacon and hash browns. I took a quick jog then joined Heath and Peanut for the above mentioned breakfast after dad scrambled eggs to go with it. Then we started a trip to Seattle. Pops lives in Lacey, WA which is really close to Olympia the capital an about an hour and a half drive to Seattle. 

Instead of driving though we took a ferry. The ferry ride took about an hour but seems like 10 minutes because it it so much fun. Pops has a tested system for ferryboat rides to Seattle. He bought 2 $5 foot long subs on the way with just bread cheese and turkey. Then we fed them to the seagulls off the back of the boat.

We also explored the boat and watched the cars below and stood in the wind on the front and looked at the mountains in the distance. 

Once in the city we were hungry and started making our way down the shore. There were lots of restaurants along the boardwalk and we stoped at a fish and chips shop for some fresh fried fish and clams.

After a tasty greasy meal we walked a few blocks farther to the Seattle Aquarium.  It was a really cool aquarium that had way too many people but enough sea life for us all to look at. The first thing we did was touch starfish.

It felt like we were running through the aquarium trying to see everything before our time was up and we saw a lot but it was not quick enough. Once done we had to cancel our trip to Pikes Market where they throw the fish in the air in order to make it back to the Ferry in time for our trip home. We rushed to the boat and got tickets home. Pop’s stopped on the way and met us at the boat with two white bags with big M’s on them.  On the way home our legs were tired and we just sat and rested half the way home then we took the bags to the back of the boat and held some fries in our fingers. Soon enough this caught the attention of the seagulls and they came to see what we had. 

We fed the seagulls the rest of the way home and they ate fries right out of our hands or caught them in mid air. Peanut loved it till one bit his finger and he got a little scratch.  Once the ferry landed we headed back near Pop’s house and got some pizza for dinner. Peanut had a Peanut butter and Jelly pizza. After dinner we went to the port of Olympia and walked along the marina there looking at some nice boats.

We were exhausted when we got home and went to bed early.

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