Seattle Day 4

A surprisingly great zoo trip

Sunday we got up, ran, ate some cinnamon rolls and drove over to the zoo close to Pop’s house. We did not have very high expectations from the small zoo but it was close and our friends of the zoo membership got us in at 1/2 off.  

I started to think the zoo would be cool as we got close. We entered a large park area with pick nic setups and hiking trails that looked like a lot of fun. As we entered the parking lot we saw how close the zoo was to the Sound. 

We arrived at the zoo 30 minutes after it opened so it was not crowded. First we went to the aquarium and were really impressed. It was just as good if not better then the Seattle Aquarium we had seen the day before.

Both aquariums had an area where you could touch starfish but the zoo’s had a bunch of other weird stuff to touch and we were the only ones in the room when we got in.

We wondered from animal to animal for a bit then happened to be at the Beluga Wale exhibit just as their show was starting. 

Beluga wales are not real fast or strong and the trainers did not pretend they were. The show was pretty funny though and we all learned about these strange white wales and they did do some impressive stuff.

After this show we went to the Wild Wonders animal show and saw a veriety of animals do some tricks. This show was pretty corny but it kept Peanut entertained for 30 minutes. 

We wondered the zoo and made our way to every exhibit. 

We skipped lunch and just ate snacks along the way and saved the kids zone for last. It was mostly under construction but we did find everyone’s favorite animal.

This adorable little guy really wanted to come home with us but we decided to leave him at the zoo and keep an eye out for a baby one when we get home. 

After the zoo we headed to a brewpub not far from the zoo right on the shore of the sound. We had a really pretty drive along the coast and then a great meal at the pub. I got a great burger and a sampler tray of beers. After our late lunch we drove home and took naps. 

Pops had steaks marinading all day and we grilled the thick juicy guys up for dinner. We had a large late lunch but still managed to stuff ourselves on the steak. Then we went for a walk to a nearby playground and let Peanut play for a bit. It started to get dark so we headed home to get Peanut ready for bed and I had a few tasty gin and tonics before getting ready for bed. 


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  1. pennsylvaniaboy says:

    Please say hello to your Pops for me. And be sure to tell him, I remember drinking gin and tonics with him ! he looks good, for an old guy !!!

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