Leaving for Big Lake MO tonight

That’s no nut in this squirrels mouth.

Last night was one of my busiest nights in a while and my to do list was in terrible shape until after 10pm. First I cut up a nice chunk of beef steak into small thin strips then put them in tequila lime marinade to prepare them to become fajitas tomorrow night. Then I went outside to work on getting the boat ready for it’s first trip of the season.

I broke a gas tank when I tightened the lid to much and had to move 6 gallons of gas from one tank to the other. This is harder then it sounds as my boat gas tanks are a strange shape and easy to fill but hard to pour from there is no spout just 3 holes in the middle of the top. Stooks and a funnel tried to help but we were spilling a lot so I abandoned the pour technique, grabbed an old piece of hose and tried the siphon technique.

I know, I know you should never siphon gas with your mouth but I was in a hurry and am known for doing dumb things some times. Well it worked really well and the gas zipped from the broke tank to my other working tank. I got no gas in my my mouth but got splashed some on my hands and face. Normally this is no big deal but I had a meeting to get to like 5 minutes later so I hurriedly washed my hands and face as much as I could and though I did not get any liquid gas in my mouth I did breath in some fumes and smelled like gasoline. I drank a beer real quick and then chewed some gum to help deal with this.

So then Heath and I rushed off to our meeting. It was the 2nd of 3 sessions with our marriage councilor lady the church required us to see to be married.

Before the session we had to fill out a fairly long web test and a short paper test. On the tests we had to agree or disagree with certain situations and how to handle them and stuff then some magic computer looks at the choices we both put and decides where we are strong and where we need to grow. So today’s session was to go over the results and we were very pleased. We were labeled as Vitality or something like that meaning we were in 90% or higher agreement on stuff. The lady told us this was good and we were likely to have a happy marriage and not get divorced. Then we went over all the stuff and it took a long time and most of the answers we had that were different were like I had chosen strongly disagree and Heath had just disagree or we had the read the question differently.

So it went really well and we left excited with the results but disappointed because we went over our 2 hours and did not finish so next session we will need to pay for an extra hour.

Throughout the meeting I was had a lot of small burps that tasted like gas and I worried my stomach was going to get upset but it didn’t and by the end I felt great. We left the session and headed to Meadowlake park at 79th and state line. We met Amanda and Peanut there. Amanda babysat for us during the meeting then went to get a bunch of burgers and and go play. We ate and watched Peanut play for a bit and we saw the squirrel in a nearby tree watching us. We tossed him a couple fries and he ate them. He was a funny cracked out squirrel but loved fries much like a seagull. He was not brave enough to come close for them though.

After the park we rushed home and Heath got Peanut in bed. I rushed to the CVS and got a bunch of Miller High Life Light for the lake.

Then I ran to the gas station and filled my other boat gas tank and both my lawn mower gas tanks and my truck. Well not all my truck before the tank was full the pump slowed and slowed and shut down. they have some sort of cut off that does not allow you to put more then $75.00 worth of gas on a card at one time so my truck was left mostly full instead of full.

Once home I told Peanut goodnight then worked on getting my trailer lights tightened on good and taped up the wires and put back on the red plastic covers then Heath and I filled tires with air and put the canoe on top of the boat and strapped it in real good. I got all the boat supplies and tools and toys and Berry equipment ready. Then I headed in and got my other stuff packed and the cooler ready and as much done last night for the trip as I could. Then I took a shower and cooled off.

Heath and I had a glass of wine and a beer and talked about honeymoon plans. She had called one of the two finalist in our houseboat rental shops and they had convinced her to use them. Once I had all the information I agreed a Timberbay Minnesota houseboat was for us. After my beer was gone I was exhausted and went to bed with dreams of a weekend boat trip and a week long houseboat adventure.

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  1. TCB says:

    I went to Chicago to join their wedding. It was interesting they had to go to court and a judge gave them a little ceremony. But they did not have to take any test or quiz. Hve good time weekend.


    because they can’t read and are doomed to divorce anyways . . .

    the, you are very manly breaking a gas tank with your bear hands (bare spelled incorrectly on purpose)

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