call Dunder Mifflin

Well the evening started out busy, then we got distracted.

After work I pulled the lawn mower blade out of the vise and put it back on the ridding mower. Then I mowed most of my front lawn and got started on Stephen’s lawn. The mower is running so good now but the mower deck is still out of wack. It got hung up a few times and I gave up on it and got out the push mower. I pushed for a bit then Heath came out and took over for me while I fought with another old mower. It seemed to not be getting gas. I took apart the carburetor and and everything from the gas tank to the engine and cleaned it out but could not make it run to put the mower away in the shed and got the weed eater out. Heath finished mowing and instead of weed eating we put away the stuff so we could leave.

I microwaved a couple hot dogs and grabbed some bananas and we drove to Staples and looked over their paper and envelopes and labels and tried to come up with a plan for our wedding invitations. I took a picture of each item we were considered that showed it’s price, quantity and size.

We hurried out the door of Staples and drove to Office Depot. We did almost the exact same thing there but did not like the paper as well. We did get some new ideas and I took a picture of the items we were interested in and compared them to the deals at Staples.

Then we rushed on to Office Max. We parked and walked up to the door and saw bars. They were closed it was 7:15 and they had closed at 7:00. Heath drove on and I got out my phone.

Our 4th stop was Xpedx graphics and paper and while Heath drove I looked up the business trying to get a phone number. Google had the address but no web page or phone. We arrived to find they had closed at 5:30.

So we headed over to Jon’s house and talked about our invite plans. Jon had our futon mattress and a can of lawn boy oil for us and we had a dvd computer drive for him and his crock pot full of beef roast. We exchanged items then decided to head to Mikes for a beer. We got a few and Jon had a burger and we talked longer then we should have and got out a bit after 9:00.

We stopped by Smokestack BBQ on the way home, well to be more precise we stopped by the building near smokestack on the way home and looked in the day windows. The building is in the running for our rehearsal dinner and our only concern was enough seating for everyone. We counted out 40 or so seats and decided it would probably work fine.

Once we got home I got out the oil Jon gave me and mixed it with some gas and put it in the mower. I primed it and pulled a few times and on the 4th pull it started up. It was late and so did not let it run long. It was exciting to have two working mowers again. Heath and I were starved and ate a snack while working on the design for the invites and size on the computer. Somehow we stayed up really late on a night we needed extra sleep but some coffee this morning should take care of that.

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10 Responses to call Dunder Mifflin

  1. Ge-off says:

    I’ll combine Kevin’s guesses and say maybe an old asian person talking on their cell phone??

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Jon got in a car crash early this morning on the way to work. I guess someone ran right into the driver door. Just like Jon, he is not in bed but called me for information to install a new DVD drive and software on his computer. I guess he has wiplash real bad and it is starting to bother him but supposed to get much worse. The pretty blue ranger is now scrap mettal.


    that doesn’t sound good.  he’s going to be hurting pretty bad tomorrow.  he may have trouble moving around . . .

    who hit him?  my guess is an old person, a person on their cell phone, or an asian. 

  4. Mistro says:

    What else is in the running at this point?

  5. Heather says:

    Honeymoon here we come!


    that boat looks like it’ll be a good time.  it looks like it could make for a good group trip too . . . you’ll have to tell us about your experience, minus the steamy details, when you get back.

  7. Anonymous says:

    glad to see you are promoting one of my competitors. 

  8. thePrewitt says:

    We didn’t really support them since they are not open past 5:30.

  9. thePrewitt says:

    Well I kinda want to do it at a park shelter but it may be too hot for that and if we did that we would still have Smokestack I think. Last night we talked about BB’s lawnside BBQ but I’m guessing they will not be a good fit on a Friday night.

  10. thePrewitt says:

    I just reserved a 30 foot houseboat!!!  

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