Potentially explosive weather system is moving into Kansas today

The Above is a direct quote from the news this morning.

sarcastic spoon

I thought you may need something exciting in today’s post.

Before we get going today I need to warn you. From the minute I got home until sometime after 10:30 last night all I did was work on invitations. It’s going to be tough to make a post out of that but I will do my best (unless things like mail merge, vellum and paper slicers get you excited).

Amanda F, Amanda H, Heath, Jon and I made up the work crew. For obvious reasons we split into two groups early on. We started out with Jon and I going to Staples for envelopes. Ohh by the way Jon was kinda better. He went to work yesterday and didn’t have a car to drive home in so Amanda brought him to our house and he was forced to work all night. He does not really move his neck but rotates at the torso when you talk to him though.

So Jon and I went to Staples and found the smallest ivory envelopes that would fit our invite then after much debate and thought picked out some clear labels for return address and some different ones for regular address and some white vellum paper (this is the translucent stuff like tissue paper). These were some hard choices for us to make because Heath was not answering her phone and we were not told specifically what to get.

I was starved and we needed to print all the invites, RSVP cards and reception cards at home so Jon and I picked up some Wendy’s and headed to my office to print some maps and labels. On the way we passed the spot where Jon’s accident was (Greggory and Troost) and he described what happened (some lady flew through a flashing red light and found Jon’s truck in the intersection when she got there).

Maps were easy to print, return addresses were ok, addresses from my address book were a bit confusing but not bad but Heath’s addresses were terrible. She used a spreadsheet but put the whole address in one cell so we had to spread them into separate cells. Also She was not consistent, sometimes putting last name first sometimes first name. Her book sometimes had comas to separate data sometimes not so getting labels from it was very time consuming.

Eventually we got most printed and headed home. Our AC is not on and 3 hard working girls had made the scrapbook room hot. I lost my shirt and got busy trimming.

Everyone worked together and we got everything printed, everything cut out, everything trimmed up, all the ribbon cut, the vellum cut, the envelopes labeled and one invitation completely put together.

At first I wanted to get everything done because tonight we have councilor meeting and pack for our trip then tomorrow we go canoing all weekend and next week will be busy with Peanut. Then I got tired and wanted to quit at 10 no matter where we were. Then I found some encouragement.

One Amanda left, then Jon left then Heath took a break to talk on the phone and Amanda and I kept going. Heath returned and had lost her rythm and suggested we quit. I informed her how close we were and encouraged her to help with the last of trimming. She did and then we had everything ready but not put together. We decided this was a good time to stop and did a bit of cleaning up.

Heath with a pile of ready to rock invites was ready for a good nights unworrysome sleep.

Ohh yeah I had to make a ham and cheese on hot dog bun sandwich before bed. Normally Wendy’s would have been enough but they don’t serve Iced tea anymore at the one by work so I canceled my combo and got a few jr bacon cheeseburgers instead. I really like Wendy’s but the service, management, and lack of regular iced tea has really made the one on Troost suck.

not even drunk Hoff would like it.


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5 Responses to Potentially explosive weather system is moving into Kansas today

  1. Heather says:

    I’m sick of the rain.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Weather service warns of ‘violent
    long-lived tornadoes’ in Great Plains

    The Associated Press

    Kan. | Large hail, strong winds and heavy rain
    are being reported in northwest Kansas
    in a powerful storm system that could produce large tornadoes in the state
    before nightfall.

    a strongly-worded statement today, the National Weather Service warned that
    parts of Kansas
    could see hail bigger than baseballs, 80-mph-plus winds and “a few strong to
    violent long-lived tornadoes.”

    say severe thunderstorms will form by late afternoon in central and
    south-central Kansas and move toward eastern Kansas, Nebraska,
    northwestern Missouri and Iowa.

    rainfall and localized flooding are also possible, especially late Thursday
    night in southeast Kansas.

    weather service’s forecast for Kansas
    calls for a sunny, windy day with potentially
    severe thunderstorms moving in after 11 p.m.

  3. Ge-off says:

    I like this idea of a Hoff website with his likes/dislikes.  I bet if the real Hoff found out about it he would be glad to give his input and then we could turn it into something funny instead.

  4. Heather says:

    It is always good to know what  a drunk Hoff would or would not like.  That helps me make my decisions when being a consumer.

  5. thePrewitt says:

    I bet if someone put a website together with things the Hoff likes and things Hoff does not like it would be really popular.  Something clever  and funny like the chuck norris facts craze a while back.

    For example

    The Hoff likes: the way a chest hair comb smells on a wednesday morning. 

    The Hoff dislikes: long walks on the beach (the Hoff runs or drives when on the beach) 

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