Another big weekend

Well it is Friday now and I am heading to the Little Niangua River for
some canoing tonight. We have a 12 person crew and assuming the weather
holds out it will be a blast.

I drove from work yesterday afternoon to Aldi and did some shopping. 95% of the groceries were for the weekend but I also got some milk and cereal and bread for us. I was speedy at Aldi and then rushed home to unpack groceries.

I sorted into piles for the trip and not for the trip so that tonight when I pack the coolers and Vue it should go quick. Heath got home mid unpack and we worked on getting our stuff together a bit then had to head to our last meeting with the marriage councilor lady.

This was a 2 hour session and probably my least favorite one. It was not bad but a lot of it was her lecturing on communication and stuff and it seemed like Heath and I were hot and had so much else going on it was hard to focus. Anyhow it got over on time and she wished us well and sent us home.

Heath packed the bags and I started getting camping supplies together and putting wood in the car and trying to get everything clean and ready for our trip. We fed Berry and decided we needed to run to Price Chopper for a few things I could not get at Aldi. On the way out we decided to stop in next door.

Wednesday there was a giant Fry-Wagner moving truck next door and mover guys lugging stuff in. Then Last night on the way home from the councilor we thought we saw someone in the garage as we drove by. So Heath put together a welcome card and we stuck it to a bottle of wine and headed over. We were greeted by a large brown barking dog and eventually a fairly tall reddish brown haired girl named Shelly.

She was from Denver and moved here for work but really wanted to move back to Denver when the opportunity arises. She has family in the area and is renting the house. She seemed really cool and into running hiking and playing outdoors. We sat down in her unpacked house and talked for 20-30 minutes and got to know her dog Monte a bit then excused ourselves to head to the store.

We were quick at price chopper but forgot ice so had to go back in for it. Once home we microwaved some leftovers and packed the rest of the stuff then ate and watched a bit of tv. It was bedtime by now so we headed off to bed and just before falling asleep the rain started and I could feel it splashing through the window on me.

So we got up and closed all the windows in the house, turned up the fan and fell asleep. This morning I didn’t here my alarm to get up early and run becuase the fan was too loud so I just came in to work.


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3 Responses to Another big weekend

  1. thePrewitt says:

    are you sure it is the Little Niangua and not the Niangua River Oasis?

  2. Stooks says:

    Interesting that someone is renting it after it’s only been back on the
    market for a month with some real estate company no one’s ever heard
    of.  I figured the 40-thousand-dollar improvement of replacing the AC
    and furnace would have a buyer in seconds.

  3. Ben Clark says:

    Pat Kellerman is having his bachelor party down there this weekend so you may run into him.

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