The Familly Canoe Trip

Jendra, Peanut, Heath, Peggy, Trent, The, Dan, Kelly, Kathy, Septembra, Donna, Jenny, Ashley.

All weekend was action packed. On Friday after work I quickly got the cooler and Vue packed up. Then I mowed Stephen and Becky’s back yard and then Stooks and I screwed around a bit waiting for Heath and Peanut. They got home and we left for the river. We got some McDonald’s on the way then Heath’s mom met up with us and followed us down.

As we got closer to Cedar Camp it got really dark and then started to rain. We talked to my mom and found out it was pouring there and they had a tornado watch. We talked to the resort people and were told we had a 70% chance of having our trip canceled as the water would be too full and fast and murky we also found out the cabin we had reserved could be reserved for Friday and Saturday night or not at all.

So if we drove down and the river was closed we would need to pay for both nights in the cabin. After much MUCH debate and uncertainty we decided to risk it and get the cabin and set up camp and hope the river was ready for canoes. It had stopped raining before we even got there and we got the whole group of 13 together. The ground was soaked but we had brought dry wood so started a fire w/ out too much trouble then covered it with burgers and brauts. We ate and drank and talked and put up tents and dried out wet stuff and even made smores. Before we realized it, midnight was upon us and we hurried off to bed. Heaths mom, brother and sisters slept in the cabin and the rest of us slept in tents. We had 4 tents set up.

Well either we posed next to some canoes in the first picture or the 30% chance of canoing worked out right?

So we woke up and the resort had free pancakes, sausage and coffee and we got some of that and cooked up our own skillet of cheesy eggs and tossed them on some tortillas w/ the sausage. Then we cleaned up and found the river would be canoeable. We got all the coolers and swimsuits and everything ready to go.

Peanut had a great time w/ his water gun in the middle of our canoe.

they even had a miniature paddle for him to use.

The spot where we put in was fast and a bit wild and several of the 6 canoes had problems but it turned out to just be the beginning that was rough. We stopped for a late lunch about 1/2 way down on a huge gravel bar that had a good amount of shade.

We made bagel and tortilla sandwiches and ate chex mix, oranges, crackers, M&Ms and all sorts of stuff.

We found two caves while exploring the river and climbed into one until it was too dark to move. The other we had remembered from last year but found it to be blocked off by a giant metal structure. This cave had a cold spring in it and the water leading up to it was freezing. We took a picture out front.

And to show how tough we were we squatted in the water for another picture.

There were very few tips on the river and the water level was perfect. We never had to portage we never tipped the Peanut or food canoes everyone got some sun and had a great time.

Once back to camp I got the fire going again then we tossed on the grate and loaded it up.

We had a bunch of corn on the cob and baked potatoes and hot dogs and buffalo chicken and BBQ chicken wings and even some left over hamburgers and brauts. Everyone got stuffed then we got out the Smores and cooked them.

Much of the group left after dinner and we were left with Heaths familly in the cabin and our family in one tent. The day had really worn us out so we mostly sat around but we also took Peanut to a playground for a while then went for a little swim to cool off. We went to bed early and got up early on Sunday and packed up in a flash.

Then we drove home. Peanut and I wore our sunglasses some.

We got breakfast buffet on the way home that was awesome then Heath and Peanut rested and watched Bee Movie and I mowed the back and did a bit on the Garden. They got up and we took Berry for a run down by the creek. He jumped in and did some swimming while we skipped rocks. Peanut Berry and I stopped at the park on the way home and played while Heath met a friend and worked on stuffing invitations.

Once home Peanut and I cleaned up the garage and put away all the camping stuff. The space in the garage nearly doubled once it was cleaned up. Then Heath’s friend left and I started cooking dinner. We made a big pizza and had pepperoni on 1/4 and buffalo chicken leftovers on the other 3/4. It was really good and we had a ton so we invited Matt to join us.

We fixed corn on the cob and some BBQ sausage w/ it and watched American Dad while we ate. Matt headed downstairs and we all got cleaned up then headed to our room to lay down and watch tv.

We were dead tired and fell asleep early. Heath fell asleep first then woke up and Peanut fell asleep so I took him to bed then fell asleep myself.

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