Hanging at our Friends house

That’s right we are Friends of the Zoo.

Last night was Peanut’s last night with us for 2 full weeks so Heath and I had a lot of surprises up our sleeves for him and I am eager to tell you all about them but first I gota show you some pictures from the night before on our Nature Hike. I trimmed it down to 3. 

Here we have Heath and Peanut sitting on the big dry shady rock eating dinner next to the river. 

Here is Berry, Peanut and I crossing the puddle that was full of alligators and crocodiles. 

No explanation on this one just adorable picture. 

OK back to last night. So as soon as we all could we all rushed to the Kansas City Zoo. The gates close at 5 and then they want people out by 6 so we had to hurry. 

We went to the river otters and sea lions right away then headed to the kids zone to feed some deer.

Everyone’s favorite pet, The Goat was in the same pen as the deer but they were all really into the hay and not interested in the food we got from a machine.  (yes this was sad). 

It was hot and we were hungry and Peanut really never got the point that we had to hurry so at first the zoo was a bit stressful but once we saw a few animals and Peanut realized the train was closed for the day and there was no way we were riding it we started really having fun. Unfortunately Peanut and I were running down a ramp at one point and he fell and scraped his knee up real good but it is hard to stay sad at the zoo for long and as long as I would give him a ride he was good to go. 

We were excited to see a tiger pacing the cage then found his friend and had to get a picture. 

Luckily we found a solution to the hunger problem. The zoo was full of ripe mulberry trees. 

 That’s right 3 days in a row I have eaten wild mulberries and they have been great.  I have discussed planing a tree with Heath and Jon and maybe it is time to look into.  

Well we just ate a few berries to not spoil our dinner and not look like weirdos. Then shortly before 6 we headed out and went to get dinner. Peanut loves BBQ ham so we headed to Smokestack. It’s close, one of Peanut’s favorites and we needed to talk to them about rehearsal dinner stuff. We ordered our standard dinner for 2 that is really dinner for the 3 of us then lunch for me the next day and possible even more. 

 After a fantastic dinner we talked to the owner about the night before our special day. We found out he was taking over a room behind the store and turning it into a banquet room and was very excited about having us be the first group to use it. He had some great ideas and his excitement transferred to us really easily and in no time we had a tentative plan. 

After dinner we went to HyVee for some supplies then stopped by Dairy Queen. Heath and I were excited about dipped cones for some reason but unable to convince Peanut to get one. He wanted the standard vanilla but after trying ours decided he would go dipped next time.

It was hot and humid out and we all fought loosing battles with the ice cream and got stickiness everywhere. 

So Peanut and I had to shower immediately after getting home. Then we had to hurry to help Peanut get his father’s day presents ready for his dad. Heath and I colored pictures and played with stickers while Peanut made cupcakes.

Then we read some books and went to bed. Heath and I had about 20 more invitations to create and more labels to print and go over our lists. After a bit of watching the storm and looking for hail we went to bed. 

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9 Responses to Hanging at our Friends house

  1. thePrewitt says:

    the outside of the container says if it is a participating package. I’m not going to be upset if people bring other drinks FYI.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    after dinner time or if you are coming before let me now so there is enough food.

  3. Ge-off says:

    Cheez is in town this weekend so I think I am going to dinner with her and my parents.
    Kevin you are welcome to come since you will have an arranged marraige to her some day.
    If you guys want, I can try to persuade Cheez to come to the party??

  4. Ge-off says:

    can the High Life be any quantity to get the codes?  Are they on 6 packs or is it just the bigger cases?

  5. thePrewitt says:

    I ment to say something about Heath and I not going anywhere this weekend. First weekend at home in our own beds in a long time. Tonight I would like to take Geoff’s High Life party idea and pull out my ping pong table and play outside. If it rains I will come up with something else.


    i’m with grant, i was never a dipped cone guy.  something about that crunchy chocolate didn’t ever appeal to me.

    i hope the zoo mullberry trees aren’t covered in pesticide . . . that could be trouble. 

  7. Heather says:

    I had no idea!

  8. Ge-off says:

    What time will the party kick off tonight?

  9. Ge-off says:

    I think Kevin likes to lick other things that have been dipped in chocolate


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