Please see and USE the new link on the side

Wedding Song Play List. I’m not sure if you have heard or not but Kevin (as seen on will be the DJ at our wedding. We want to give him the mic and a computer full of great wedding songs and let him loose. Heath and I have started putting together good stuff but we can’t do it alone. Please think of good songs and put them up for us.

I have temporarilly taken down the karaoke playlist songs over there so people will focus on this new list. 

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2 Responses to Please see and USE the new link on the side

  1. Mistro says:

    Do you say that because you want to have it in the wedding mix or because it is a classic 80’s ballad that you handn’t heard in awhile?


    PS-I just downloaded it onto to my ipod.  You’d be surprised how much it can pump you up.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    then I found it on you tube. that suggestion alone was worth putting the suggestion page up.

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