Hard to write I am so full

Last night I did NOTHING for our wedding, (Heath didn’t do much either).

Well this morning I have been going back and forth on weather I would like to split the post into two sections and talk about each one separate or go chronological and jump from the two sections back and forth. I’m not going to decide but just see how it goes. 

So after work I changed and had some trouble finding gruby shorts. Then I got this baby out of the refrigerator.

With the aid of a butter knife I removed the skin stuff off the back of it then rubbed it all down with some seasonings. Heath and I had bought two new flavors to try out on the pork rib slab.

Once I had them good and coated in the stuff I put them on the grill as low as it would go and stuck a can of open beer in the grill to keep things moist in there. 

The ribs were set for a while so I went to the bedroom and found all my jeans. I sorted into piles of nice jeans I can wear to work and around, a few pairs of yard work type jeans and then a pile of middle jeans that I never wear do to holes or stains or some other reason. I put two in the trash pile and took two downstairs and cut them off below the knee. 

I put a pair on and headed outside.  The flower box area in front of our house is home to a few trees. They have really started to grow this rainy spring and while I like trees and want them in lots of places, I don’t want them in the flower box growing their roots under the driveway messing it up. So I decided to transplant them. I’ve never done this before and afterword decided I should have asked around or researched it on the internet. Basically I guessed at an area to dig up and tried not to kill the surrounding plants and dug up as much of the roots as I could. I am not extremely delicate or patient so I broke a lot of the roots. I did find filling my hole with water helped the roots come out with out breaking. Here is my first tree.

It’s kinda hard to notice what is a good plant and what is a bad tree but if you look below you can see what is missing. 

I had two big trees to remove and several small ones. I planted them all in the back yard along the fence to increase the privacy of the lawn. I don’t have expectation of high success rates in my tree transplants because as I said I am not a gentle patient person but a forceful get it done kind of person. So after digging the trees out pretty good and getting the ground wet I would get out one of my favorite tools to finish the job.

The ranger gave a little tug and the tree problem was solved. Once all the trees were replanted and watered I trimmed the healthy trees to make the yard more presentable and easier to mow. Peanut’s swing set was a bit overgrown too. By this time I was a sweaty, muddy mess and needed to clean up before heading in.

3 things to notice in this picture

1- new cut offs
2- new blue wife beater
3-mud and sweat

So I was a stinky dirty mess and needed to clean up but someone was dirtier and stinkier then me. Heath came out and got out the hose and some shampoo and we gave Berry his first bath.

As expected he was a wus about the hose at first but eventually his love of being pet and rubbed took over and he was really good. In no time he went from smelling awful to smelling alright. Once he was all clean and I was a bit cleaner we took him on a walk to dry. We didn’t want him laying down in the dirt till he had dried off a bit. We walked to the condos behind our house and checked out their pool and our yard from their side and just explored the area. 

Once home I showered and we fixed some green beans and dinner rolls. Heath and I had been checking on the ribs on occasion and late in the night covered them with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (one of our favorites).   We cut off 4 ribs and took them in. We ate them up in no time and decided the meat was plenty tender and plenty cooked. I headed out to get the rest of the slab.

I picked it up with tongs and it almost fell apart so I had to get both sides and use a spatula. Then there was nothing left to do but eat.

It was a success and we learned a lot about grilling a slab and are eager to try again. We both have some new ideas to try out.  The rest of the night we nibbled on ribs and watched the last 2/3rds of Indiana Jones before heading to bed.

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4 Responses to Hard to write I am so full

  1. thePrewitt says:

    an established tree or shrub is not something to be done on a whim. It
    takes about a year’s worth of preparation, and transplanting must be
    done when the plant is dormant."http://www.ehow.com/how_14665_transplant-tree-large.html

  2. Heather says:

    I thought more people would be impressed by our dinner last night.  It was delicious, and those pictures make me hungry!

  3. Stooks says:

    That sounds like a bunch of hooey to me.  A year’s worth of preparation?  Stupid.

  4. Ge-off says:

    I transplanted some bushes from my sister’s old house to my house and they seemed to do ok.  They all still had green leaves a year after the fact. 

     I have since pulled them out and put different plants in their place but they did actually live ok post transplant.

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