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So I went to Wal-Mart on Sunday when it rained and got some stuff. Well I got the idea for the trip when I noticed sizable holes in my boxers two days in a row. It was time for a new package of boxers. Once I knew I needed boxers I started thinking about socks. I like white socks, I’ve always worn them and they are fairly standard but I have tried out regular cotton black socks too. Black socks are good because I can get them dirty and they are not ruined. If I walk around outside in them then wash them they are good as new, also they look dressier and I can wear them to formal occasions as if they were dress socks. The downside to black socks is they are hot in the summer and look weird with shorts. So I decided to try out the middle and get a few pairs of gray socks. 

I tried them out yesterday and they were comfortable but probably because they were so new. I’ll let you know what I decide after a few week wearing them. What do you guys like for socks? 

So we went to Wal-Mart for new underwear, socks and once we found them, Heath asked about A style undershirts. Actually she did not know their real name and asked about wife beaters. I wear them as undershirts a lot and most of mine are stained and a bit stretched out but they are under my shirt or on when I am working on something outside so no matter. Well I figured maybe I should get some new ones before my current ones wear out. While looking for them we found colored ones. I got a pack with a blue one, green one, gray one and tan one. Check it out

They can get stained and not show it, just like my socks. I’ve worn them the last two days and it has been a blast. 

Ok so finally last night. I got home and made a couple of tortilla wraps with pepperjack, banana peppers, ham and turkey. Then Heath and I ate them and drove to Home Depot. I had to return a attic fan timer and get a new one. Also we found a crop of poison ivy in the backyard we wanted spray for and we wanted some grass and weed killing spray and we planned on getting the trim for our mirrors. 

All the other stuff was easy but the trim was troubling. You remember our mirror project from forever ago. Well we got it all done but never put up the frame around it to cover up my screws and really class it up. Well there are dozens of styles of trim that we could use and we liked several. Then we found some decorative things that you could put in the corners and other things you do that would look really cool. We went back and forth between some of the ideas for a while then got overwhelmed and left with none of it. We plan to work on this project on Saturday afternoon and instead of getting things painted/stained ahead of time we are going to think about it and get some more opinions. 

So we got the rest of our stuff then crossed the parking lot to payless shoes. I had not been in a payless in many years and if you are not familiar they have like 10 isles of shoes. 8 for women, 1 for kids (boys and girls mixed) and 1 for men. I looked at the mens shoes expecting to find $10 shoes but they were all $30 +/- and they were brands I had heard of. This was not what I was expecting at all. After looking at mens I looked at kids and did find a sweet pair of river shoes for Peanut that light up and have Lightning McQueen on them. 

Heath found a pair of shoes to wear at the wedding and another pair that she may get later to wear at the wedding instead. Then we headed over to Corner Cocktail because it is located across the street from our church.  We got 4 Natural Light drafts for $6.00. Then walked over to the church. We met the lady that organizes the wedding. She helps us get everything set on who sits wear and when you do what and how you enter and leave and all kinds of thing we had and had never thought about. It was kinda interesting but she was a talker and thing seemed to really drag on. A bit after an hour later we left and headed home.

I was eager to install the attic fan timer and get some use out of it before we turn the AC on so I got right after it. Heath showed up to help out.  

We got it put up in no time and were cooling the house off by the hour. Then we cooked up some Mexican bean dip stuff and wreaked a bag of tortillas on it and watched TV and talked about wedding stuff until bed. 

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    socks.   like my socks white with a gray toe . . . they must be tight and lower than my ankle.  i can’t picture myself in any sock that is fully another color than white unless i am wearing dress shoes.

    beaters.  i too need some new beaters.  i was thinking about getting a mixture of colors and i think you’ve inspired me to do it.  i require two new packages of beaters per summer do to the frequency that i wear them and how comfortable they are when first purchased.  i haven’t gotten any yet this summer, so i guess that is my next major purchase.  

    nattly light.  not really about natty light, it’s more about PBR.  i was talking to Mr. V at his b-day party and he was talking about how you can’t beat PBR on tap.  i think he and The should go out for PBR draws sometime.   

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