An active weekend at home

 Well as you can guess I got home Friday and started loading up the truck with canoes and a cooler and rafts and anything else I could think of we may use on a little trip on the little blue. Heath got home then Jon and Amanda showed up and after a small pile of Jr. whoppers we put the canoes in the water and paddled and walked our way upstream. It was a hot afternoon and perfect for the river. We cruised and played and drank a while then decided to start picking up all the scrap metal we find and turn it in for money to buy fiberglass with. Both canoes leak and are in major need of repairs. We found several small pieces of scrap and then found an old washing machine. (Way old) The 4 of us worked hard to dig and pry it out of the mud and the rocks and roll it into the water. 

Jon and I cleaned it up and smashed it and tried to come up with a plan. Heath decided to play in the mud.

Something about bugs not getting her in the mud. Anyhow we decided to leave the washer after all that work but it was a good time. Then we paddled back and loaded up the truck and went home for showers and unloading. Then once clean we headed to waldo pizza and stuffed our faces. This took all the energy out of us and we headed off to bed. 

In the morning Heath and I did some shopping and work around the house until Taigan showed up to play with Berry. 

Courtney dropped off Brain and we got started on the frame portion of my old mirror project.

We started with a trip to Home Depot to make our final decisions on what wood to use and get a good plan put together. 

We got some wood for us and for Jon who had come over to work on the pontoon trailer and then we went home and got to work. 

There was a lot to this project but it all went really well and made a huge difference in the way the mirrors look. Brian and I got it all cut and up on the wall and somehow did not take many pictures of it. I took several pictures later and hope to post some more tomorrow after doing some work tonight. 

After the mirror project we checked on Jon’s trailer project for a while then Courtney came back and we took the dogs to the river to swim and relax and enjoy the day. After the beers were gone and the dogs were a mess our stomachs began to growl so we went home to make dinner. The girls started cutting fish and veggies in the kitchen.


And Brian and I grilled terriaki salmon and chicken on the grill and a bunch of shrimp skewers. Then we brought everything into the family room and put it on our cool new plates. 

It was a massive spread and we got right to work. We didn’t really Finnish off anything but ate a ton. Then we cleaned up a bit and moved to the driveway. Jon, Stooks, Stephen and Becky were out there hanging out and we joined them. We spent the rest of the night in the driveway hanging out talking and drinking. 

In the morning I cooked a huge pile of potatoes and eggs and stuff. Then Brian and Courtney left and Jon came back to work on the trailer. I changed the oil in Heath and my cars and ran errands and Heath and worked on the frame a bit. I got painters tape up all around the outside and then we put in some wood putty in all the nail holes and smoothed it in. 

Heath hit up a red box and so we ate sushi leftovers and watched No Country for Old Men. Afterwords it was starting to get dark and that was enough for me to go to bed. 

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2 Responses to An active weekend at home

  1. TCB says:

    It is mouth-watering dinner!!  Anyway, have you got a weezer’s new album yet? If they have a concert in KC, we should go together.And make sure that take Ben (driver) with us, so we can be so drunk again.

  2. Brian says:

    … was good times!

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