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So after work I cleaned up the house a bit and set up some fancy clothes before the photographer and his wife showed up. We walked arround the yard and talked untill Heath came home then we got dressed and headed out. We talked about taking some pictures in the yard or on the deck but decided to go to Watts Mill up the street and try it out first.

Watts Mill is part of the trail up the street we run on and we have seen people taking pictures there before. It’s biggest draw is the waterfalls.

People love waterfalls, even tiny ones.

WOW we have breaking news folks. Mid post I got an e-mail with a link to the photos. The photographer already pulled them down, cleaned them up and posted some to his website.

So Heath started out with a brown dress and I wore new jeans w/ a white and brown shirt and we sat and smooched and stood arround the waterfalls and the photographer guy snapped pics, told us where to go and how to possition ourselves and tried to get great shots from the edge of the water without falling in.

It was crazy hot last night and we were all getting kinda sweaty. Heath and I decided to do some of the shots in more casual clothes and went to change and towl off the sweat. Then we went to the other side of the waterfall, took a few more shots then walked allong the trail and did some moving shots.

We walked for a bit and took pictures and tried to act natural and happy and not hot and sweaty then decided to call it a day. Everyone felt good about the shoot and it did not take long at all.

Heath and I went home and I got started cooking dinner and setting up the familly room for wedding playlist creation, movie watching and dinner eating. Heath got Stooks and drove him to pick up his car and pick out a free redbox movie. She had a tough time finding a good one and ended up setleing on Beowulf.

So once she got home we started it and ate the noodles/shrimp/vegtable creation I had tossed together. The movie seemed kinda terrible at first. It is a funky kind of animation and the people look kinda creepy. It was fairly easy to get used to though. We did not understand 1/2 of what was being said though. The accents were pretty rough and so needed to use subtitles to help make the movie make more sence.

Once I was done eating I sat at the laptop and started working on wedding music while watching the movie. I have a list of about 90 songs and went through my library looking for them to add to wedding playlists. It was a slow process becuase I was watching the movie and thinking of new songs and digging through the library is a bit tedious.

So I think we need like 200-300 songs on the playlist and I am running out of ideas. I have some websites with lists on them that I will plan on grabbing but if anyone can think of any songs they would like to hear I would love the input. Remember the link on the top right side of this page.

I got through most of my list then got a phone call. Then Heath got one, then I got 2 more while still on the first call and so we paused the movie. We talked and talked and eventually I was done and got back after my wedding playlist. Once Heath got done I played a few songs for her and talked about a few then decided to finnish for the evening and finish the movie in bed.  I had only been paying 1/2 attention to it so did not mind if I just fell asleep but it turned out to be pretty exciting and started to make me think the movie was ok.  I probably should have paid more attention but I think the I got basic parts in and it is not worth paying for but if it’s on tv sometime and you don’t want to think to hard give it a shot.

Here are a couple of fun links for todays post.

First the sexy parts in Beowulf you wanted to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrTBpZYV4aw
(there is not much Angelina Jolie in the movie)

Second the photographer’s page on us http://snapthemoment.com/v-web/gallery/album56
(we took lots more but they must suck or not be ready)



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7 Responses to Engagement Pictures


    i saw it and was not very impressed . . . too drawn out and not enough action.

    i’m a fan of the comfortable clothes pics.  they seem more you.  you should have seen if you could have incorporated bacon burger dogs in the picture in some way.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Did the shoes make you feel that way? Dressed up I wore black shoes w/ a brown shirt (fassion disaster) and casual I wore sneakers and then no shoes.

  3. Ge-off says:

    I definitely like the sneakers/no shoes pics better.  More like the true The.

    Those were nice shoes though and I might need to get a pair.


    maybe you should just faze her out of the pictures so we have a bunch of pictures of just you by the waterfalls . . .

  5. Heather says:

    Me fashion disaster?  How can you go wrong with Brown?  You better look again Kevin…and what would you do with a picture of just Chris anyway?


    it would definitely get some use though . . .

  7. brotherjohn says:

    you should just crop your feet out of the pic

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