Adolecent girl stuff

So today’s post begins at 6:00am yesterday instead of after work. I got up and decided to ride my bike into work. It was not totally on a whim but I had not decided for sure if I was going to do it or not till I woke up and felt like riding.

I packed my work stuff into my laptop backpack and added in a towel and clothes and soap and deodorant and around 6:20 I was peddling away.  I need to specify that I don’t really have a working bike but Heath kinda does. Heath’s bike is many years old and I’m not sure she was even an adult when she got it because it looks and feels really small.

None of this was a surprise to me as I have ridden the bike before and knew what I was getting myself into. The hardest part of the ride was the first part, getting from my house to 85th and Wornal.

It was tough because that is a hilly stretch of road and there are no sidewalks. I don’t think I have ridden a bike for any distance in a year or so and riding down a semi busy street was fairly scary to me.

Anyhow I made it to 85th and Wornal and the Trolly track trail was just a little way down 85th.










Once I hit the trail things were much better. I could casually peddle and sip some tea from my water bottle and just roll down to work and watch the runners and walkers on the trail. The gravely sand stuff on the trail slowed me down some but I was not in a huge hurry.

I followed the trail down to Volker then it to Troost and then Troost up to Jon’s house.I relaxed in front of his house a bit and cooled off and tried to stop sweating so I could go shower and not get sweaty again. Eventually I headed in and got ready for a shower. Then I remembered

Heath and I found this website a while back and started following the 6 week plan this week. So I decided to look up the days schedule on my phone and rock out a bunch of push ups. So I was sweating again and tried to wait for me to calm down then showered and rode the few blocks down the street to work and got there right on time.

Then Work

Then came home.

Jon and Amanda came over and we planned a date night down town.

Tony was back in town and he and Stooks headed to Waldo and we headed farther North. We got Burger King on the way to save some money and ensure a good meal and then we were off.

We met some crazy guys and hit up a few bars and had a nice night but too late for the working men. Luckily our visit was not extended by taking the bus home as we had planned when Tony agreed to come pick us up.

Once home I went to bed.

Ohh Yeah wanted to mention There are only 50 days left until the marriage. We have a pretty good handle on things but I know there are a lot of details to iron out like getting me a ring.  If anyone sees one of those candy machines w/ the rings and stuff in it PLEASE let me know where it is so we can get one. I’ll put as many coins in it as need be to get the blue one.


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3 Responses to Adolecent girl stuff

  1. Ge-off says:

    I’m going to check out that push up program.  I have to do alot of pushups in my Tae Kwon Do class so this will help me in there.

    Also, I got “The Perfect Pushup” for Christmas last year.  It’s pretty fun, I will bring them over to your house some time and you can try it out.  It’s supposed to work more muscles than regular pushups.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    I did not realize you were in ninja training?


    i’m going to skip over the 100 push-up program and go straight for this . . .

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