Productivity runs on meat

Sunday turned out to be a long full day and we were tired at dinner so just ate some leftovers. My planed meal was pushed back to last night. Sunday morning I had taken out two nice big steaks and dropped them in one of these mesquite bags.

My sister Kelly got them for my birthday and I was ready to try them out. I sliced up some potatoes and got them ready for the grill and got the rice cooker loaded with brown rice and added in some garlic, carrots, onion and soy sauce. I cut up some fresh broccoli and got leftover salads and fruit ready. Heath and Peanut stopped in at home then went by a McDonalds to pick up a Redbox movie for Peanut.

When they got home all the food was cooked and we sat down to eat. Peanut asked very politely if we could eat in front of the TV in the family room so he could start his movie and I was ok with it. So we popped in Ratatouille.

The steaks were great, real tender and loaded w/ flavor. Besides the bag of stuff I put some meat tenderizer on them and stabbed them w/ a fork a whole bunch. Once dinner was over we paused the movie to run 2 errands. We needed paper products for some of the evenings projects so headed to Staples.

And Heath and Peanut had forgotten to return yesterday’s movie so we needed to stop by another red box to return it.

Once home we got Peanut going w/ the movie and we cranked up photoshop and created a birthday invitation for Peanut to send to 7-10 of his best little friends. You can see the invitation below this post on the homepage.

We are all kind of excited for the party. I am going to make up a bunch of dough then roll out really small personal pizzas for each of the kids. They will each be given cups with sauce, cheese, and meat in them and then create their own custom pizza. I’ll toss them in the oven while the kids play and then pull them out and everyone gets to eat their pizza.

The idea for the party is not entirely ours. While in Seatle we ate at a restaurant that had build your own pizza on the menu and Peanut really enjoyed making his.

Plus he has some experience in making them at home.

Once the invite was created we printed off a bunch and got them in the envelopes we got earlier and Heath got them labeled and stamped and ready for mail.

In the midst of all this birthday party excitement we made wedding invitations. Yes I know these are like 20 days later then the rest of them but at least we did them. So we sent out about 200 the first round and now we have another 20 to get out.

We ended up with 2 stacks of envelopes ready to mail and Peanut had finished his movie so we got him ready for bed and red a book about how mountains are formed.

Heath and I did some dishes and straitening and then got after the seemingly huge pile of laundry that we needed to fold and put away. It turned out to not be as big as normal and we had it done in 30 minutes. Our wedding photographer is coming by tonight to give us the dvd of our engagement pictures and take some more w/ Peanut in them. So we picked out clothes and got them ready to go to help make the picture process quick and painless today.




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