Big lake and Lots more

Mixing up my posting style today. Here is what I did this weekend.


went to big Lake MO w/ Heath and Stooks (pics to follow)


stayed at big lake till late afternoon (pics to follow)
Got home to KC early evening, cleaned up, rested
Went to Price Chopper for a sub then walked w/ Heath and Berry to Leawood Park
Watched great fireworks display then walked home and went to bed


Slept in then got up and mowed my front and Stephen’s front yard. Trimmed my trees in the front
Packed up cooler, Berry and other stuff then headed out
Got some Taco Bell, Beer and Gas and headed to my Uncles Farm
Helped prepare for BBQ
Visited ate, drank talked to Grandma bunches
Took Grandma home, watched fireworks
Got Berry in truck and drove home
Had a beer w/ Stooks then went to bed


Woke up and started cleaning garage for Peanut’s B-day party.
Stooks and I went to a bunch of Targets and a Wal-mart in search of Wii Fit and Mario Cart.
Didn’t find either so went to his parents old house to get coffee table
Then went to Stooks folks new house to get new dryer and washer for our basement.
Unloaded truck
Mowed Stephen’s back yard
Got cooler, Berry and Stooks and headed to creek
Split a 6 pack and swam and taught Berry to jump into the water
Came home and cleaned and put together lamp and unpacked some gifts
But slab of ribs on the grill
Got ready to go to Tony’s pool with Amanda and Heath
Decided to stay home and cook/clean
added potatoes and vegetables to grill
Everyone came home and ate on the deck
showered and watched TV
Did the dishes packed for tomorrow and cleaned up

Ok all I have pictures for is Big Lake because Heath had the camera the rest of the weekend and I was not motivated enough to use the big fancy camera.

So you saw the pic at the top where we cruised around in the boat. We did this a lot and it was so nice out.

We also shot fireworks off the dock.

Stooks and I had a late night dip in the lake.

It’s really nice to swim off the dock as the water is neck high and the ground is all sand w/ no debris.

In the morning time I cooked up a bunch of eggs and potatoes and then got a call from the radio station. They were having power problems and I spent forever on the phone trying to help get things under control.


We got everything all fixed up and headed back into the lake for more swiming and drinking. The lake was busy w/ boats and geese.

We tried out the lemon aid tea rum mix Stooks blogged about last week and found out it was really good.


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