The playlist grows

I took a nap after work. I had a feeling it was going to be a late night and I was still a bit worn out from the night before too so it was easy to fall asleep.

After my nap I worked on some laundry and getting the trash out and visited some with Tony and Heath and just worked on stuff arround the house.

Heath and I went to Smokestack to find out more about the rehersal dinner plans but the owner was too busy with meat to meet with us.

Heath went shopping, Stooks went to his brothers, Tony and Jon went to get fitted for tuxes and I screwed arround the house for a while.

Everyone came home and we played in the basement for a while just talking and hanging out w/ a few beers.

Somehow we started talking about songs to play at the wedding and everyone started suggesting songs. We brought up youtube and listened to many of them to see if they were good or not.

We really got into this and ended up listening to tons of songs and adding bunches of them to the lists in the picture above. I got over 60 songs that I plan to add to the wedding playlist. We are still short on slow songs but have a lot more fast songs now. As the night went on we added more and more questionable songs and songs that probably don’t belong at a wedding but it’s impossible to get to all of them anyway so I’ll add them just in case. Eventually listening to songs became more singing along to songs and eventually it was just karaoke.

A few hours after my bed time I gave up on the karaoke and went to bed but Heath and Stooks kept it alive for a while.

So we all had a lot of fun looking for songs and you should too and then send me the songs you like. Just out of curiousity has anyone heard this song before 2 out of the 5 of us had heard it the other 3 had not.


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2 Responses to The playlist grows

  1. thePrewitt says:

    Hit up the miller high life site and got our points total to 4560. The button up shirt is 7500.

    Also Hit up and got 2 $6 micro SD cards w/ adapters.

  2. Ge-off says:

    I wooted today as well.  I need one of those for my blackberry.

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