One Month Away

Peanut’s birthday continued last night when he got Pop’s present mailed from Seatle.

We took the package to Paola to eat dinner with Heath’s mom.

Peanut played with it and a few other toys and we ate dinner and visited.

We drove my truck out in hopes of bringing back some firewood but once there we found the firewood was too big to lift.

I’ll need to go back with a chainsaw bigger then mine and cut these up smaller so I can lift them into the truck.


We got home fairly late and got Peanut in bed and hung out on the deck for a while.


So today is July 16th and we get married August 16th. Heath and I decided to make a list of what we need to get done before the wedding. Here is the list:


Marriage Certificate        pick up from city less than 30 days before

Programs             are we going to have programs at the wedding?

Limo      Get cost from Jen’s dad, compare to party Bus, Hamilton Quote

Rehearsal dinner

Food      Smokestack most likely

Drinks   Bring what and how much or buy from creekside

Location               smokestack or creekside

Baptism Certificates        Get them both to the church asap

Chris Fitted for Ring

Order ring that fits           maybe second one

Get song playlist ready

Stephen is looking for missing songs

Need to add them to itunes playlist

Meet w/ Kevin about DJ

Possibly organize music for him

Groomsman Gifts

Hotel for honeymoon    or night after or decide to wing it

Peanut Tux

Wine Plan            box or bottle, we get or have Kelly and Chris get for us

Invite Grandma                send gift for birthday and 2nd invite

Pay piano player

Pay singer guy

Pay church organizer

Get total on guest list

Party favors


Thank Yous         start printing and add people to spreadsheet

So the next month will be a bit busy.


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  1. Ge-off says:

    that list is long.  here’s my list….

    • get fitted for Usher Tux before a certain date (planned for Friday or Saturday)
    • Figure out wedding preset for Chris and Heath
    • Pick up Usher Tux when ready
    • Don’t lose Usher Tux (at least until after the wedding ceremony)

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