More Church Stuff

Sorry if you are sick of hearing about this stuff but we had more church stuff to do last night. In 23 days we should not need to talk about it for a while.

I got home from work and laid down in bed and got out a little booklet thing full of church readings. Heath and I need to pick out like 10 different readings and ways of doing things during the mass at our wedding ceremony. I got a few picked out before falling asleep. Heath got home from work and woke me up and helped finish.

At 5:30 we went to Christ the King and met with the priest. We gave him a brief synopsis of why the weekend was terrible and thanked us for the info but said he does not have much of a choice in what to require.

Then Father Dave had to ask us a bunch of questions that they have to ask everyone getting married in the church. The questions were easy but funny. He asked if we related, he asked if someone was forcing on of us into the marriage, he asked if we had given a vow to a church not to marry, and asked if we would have children and raise them in the church, you are supposed to. So somehow we passed all the questions (luckily they didn’t use the polygraph or take blood samples).

Then we were done with the priest and talked to the flower guy. This guy was pretty cool, he would not accept any money and had lots of free fake flowers and decorations and would only charge us for the fresh flowers he had to buy. Instead of billing us for them he wants us to pick a dollar amount to give. He will buy flowers with most of it then give the rest to the food pantry for the poor.

He had some great ideas and really seemed to enjoy what he does. He got us excited to see what he comes up with for decorating the place. We were also supposed to meet the wedding courdinator lady. She was running way late so we talked to the flower guy longer and found he had lots of things that we would need to rent for the reception and would loan them to us on agreement we return them and donate to the food pantry. So eventually the coordinator showed and we looked at a few things and went over some plans with her then got out of there at 7:00.

The flower guy had given us a table cloth to try out at the reception and since we were out and about we headed over to St. Thomas more to see the reception hall. There was a funeral in the church but the hall was mostly empty.

The table cloth fit and we explored all around thinking about where we would have the food and drinks and dance floor, etc. It is a big area and has several small rooms that we could put a movie on for the little kids and stuff.

We did not stay long and once home I cooked dinner. We had most of a chicken left so I trimmed off all the useful meat and tossed it into a frying pan w/ some olive oil, onions, garlic and mushrooms. Once fried I set it aside and made big omelets and filled them with the chicken mixture and some cheese. We covered these in hot sauce and devoured them. After dinner I helped clean up a bit then headed out.

I went to work and had 2 small things to do when no one was at the station and few people were listening online. I bumped about 50 listeners off the stream and updated the software. I made sure no one was using another server and installed updates and rebooted it. Then I headed home. Heath was cleaning the bedroom and I laid down and watched tv for a bit before falling back asleep.




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