Smokestack Bar-B-Q Rocks

8920 Wornall
Kansas City, MO 64114
(816) 444-5542
Serving The Kansas City Area Since 1957
Well right after work I grabbed the mower and headed out back. It was the last of the lawns to mow but one of the biggest. Once done I was hungry. Heath and I planned to go to Smokestack for dinner and talk to the owner about our rehearsal dinner. Heath called and he was out at a catering event so we decided to make dinner and go later. We made some sort of chili mac concoction and mid cooking I took a shower. Then we ate quickly and got busy w/ wedding planing.
The first thing to work on was “The Prayers of the Faithful” or the petitions. We had to come up with 6 little things for my sister to read at mass and then the crowd say they will pray for. After looking at the examples the church gave us we realized they all use the same stuff and follow the same form. So it was really easy to adjust one and change the names and make it fit for us.
(we pray for a nice fat loaf of bread, a good book and a mug of something cold – amen)
Then we started working on the wedding program. It’s just one piece of paper printed on both sides and folded in half but for some reason that takes a lot of work and you are really dealing with 4 pages. We worked on it for about 30 minutes before taking a short break. We each grabbed a high life and went to watch the begining of the Chiefs preseason game over at Stephen’s with him Nate and Stooks.  
We made it through the first quarter and the first touch down then got back to work. Smokestack was still not ready for us so we went back to work on the program for a little while we got it close then called Smokestack and the owner was back and ready to make a plan.
We checked out the brand new banquet room again and it was looking great. The restaurant looks a little strange with bright green paint and oversized familly portraits but the banquet room is more neutral colors and looks nice. Then we sat down with the contracts and “$” signs and tried to come up with an agreable deal.

We had initially reserved the room for 30 people and thought that could grow up to 50. Last night we had a list of 63 people we wanted to attend. So our initial quote was going to need to change. Well scrambled and pounded and screamed and took swings and got all sorts of crazy.
They understood and dropped our cost per plate way down and really helped us out. I think the Staff is just as excited to have us there are we are to be there so it was easy to come to an agreement pay the deposit and everyone leaving feeling great.
Heath and I went home and cranked out a really good program
We got everything done and it looked great but we were missing 1 name (the red spot). Our singer (cantor) was changing and we don’t know who the new one is yet.
Then we talked about wedding party intro some and came up with a few ideas but no specific plan and we printed off some pictures to put in the card box but did not really like the way they turned out. Heath got the sheet cake order ready and so we grabbed a couple beers and went next door to give it to Beck and chat with Stooks and Stephen for a bit.
It was getting late by this point so we headed home changed the laundry and got ready for bed. I printed a few more pictures before falling asleep.
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  1. brotherjohn says:

    as well as smokestack, i think we want to check out aurthur bryants. also, do you remember where you go that big hawaiian/teriyaki burger at???

  2. thePrewitt says:

    its down town in the power and light district called happy burger, I can hook you up when you come. Did you ever try Okalahoma Joes BBQ when you were here last?

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