Today is a big day

  • Only 3 days left until the wedding


  • My last day of work for a long time


  • The last day to get stuff done before people start to show up



The last day you can expect a post promptly by 9am.


This morning Heath and I got up at 6 and drove to St. Thomas More Hall where the Reception would be. My beautiful bride was stunned by what she saw.

Well not really but I thought this picture was funny. That picture is where the kids can hang out, play and watch movies if they get tired of all the action.

We went to the hall to see it set up with the temporary walls down and all the 30 round tables and the 3 buffet tables set up.

30 tables 8 chairs per table = 240 seats + 14 at the head table = 254. There are 256 RSVPs so get there early if you don’t want to be one of the two people sitting on the floor or forming the second ring of chairs around the cool table.

This is as you enter the front door. Buffet to the left foreground, the kegs and wine will be all the way in the back past the tables and the dance floor and DJ Kev-P will be in the middle back where you can just make out the top of a piano.

So I came home from work last night with 3 prizes from the farmers market.

I got a big bag of fresh green beans and a bag of two large sweet onions.

And the best part was a nice big juicy cantaloupe.

We had them all and some hot dogs for dinner. I cut the cantaloupe into squares, cut the onion into large chunks and cut the ends off the green beans and washed them. We grilled the dogs, tossed the onion and green beans into a pan of olive oil, soy sauce and garlic and just put the cubed cantaloupe on the table.

It was all really good. Stooks was not hungry but joined us for dinner and ended up eating some anyway. I ate 3 hot dogs and a lot of everything else. I think the green bean/onion stuff was the best.

Peanut ate dinner really really slow. We got tired of waiting on him so I cleaned up the table and Stooks and Heath folded programs with me. Stooks mysteriously got a text message after 5 or so programs and had to go to Stephens.

Kevin showed up shortly after and we went over all the DJ plans we could think of. He liked the winamp setup and the projector setup and we feel pretty good about how it will all work. He helped fold a bit then we just sat on the deck and had a beer.

Peanut took a bath and then Heath and I read him a book called “Good Night Gorilla” It’s a good story about a zoo keeper locking up all the animals at the end of the day and the gorilla letting them out. After the story I took out the trash and got wedding party gifts boxed up and got some honeymoon stuff together and helped clean the guest bedroom and just helped get the house ready. I tried to go to bed a bit early since I had to get up early.


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7 Responses to Today is a big day

  1. thePrewitt says:

    I hope they don’t come back on Friday. We will be nextdoor.

  2. TCB says:

    I think she is on a way to USA. She might already arrived today. Maybe tomorrow. I don’t know. She will call me.

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks for the update!!  Great news!

  4. Brian says:

    This is a test of the Drupal-Been-Updated system…

  5. Ge-off says:

    I had 1/2 priced burgers at Paddy O’Quigley’s last night after hitting some golf balls.  I went with the Pepper Jack Burger.  It was very messy, I think you would like it alot.  It had tons of Pepper Jack cheese on it and some grilled onions and peppers.  Could have used some Jalapenos though…

  6. Ge-off says:

    Oh, also, I heard on the radio this morning that Flo’s Polka Dot Lounge was robbed by gunmen carrying shotguns last night.  They robbed customers and the cash register.

  7. Stooks says:

    I hope Bickimer’s okay.  That’s his main hangout, his “Max’s” as it were.

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