SUNDAY 8-17-08

Heath and I got up surprisingly early. We had been up since nearly 5 am w/ the ongoing wedding festivities.

Yeah all these people and more stopped by after the reception to continue the party.

Well in the morning, we cleaned up a bit, packed a bit, threw away flowers and cans and some other stuff. Heath’s brother John came by to see us before he left and we stood in the kitchen a while talking about the evening and opening presents. At 10:30 he left and we rushed to Mom’s house to see everyone and pick up Peanut.

Peanut was still sleeping so we left him and went to grab our rental car. We got a Dodge Calibur. Then we went back and woke up Peanut. We all talked about the wedding for a while then Heath and I took Peanut to his dad’s house and got our first tour of the place. We left him then rushed home to throw all our stuff in the rental car. We packed in a rush and tossed in anything we could think of since we had the whole car to ourselves.

We got gas and left town at 2:30pm. Then we drove and talked and drove and listened and drove.

Around 7 or so we stopped at a Taco Bell/KFC and each got a snacker, a double decker, and a bean burrito.

Then we drove some more. Many times we discussed how far to go and were not sure how long our bodies would hold up. We were very excited and wound up but had not slept much in several days. We ended up driving through St. Paul/ Minneapolis and stopping just outside of town. I let Heath go in and get the room and somehow she agreed to a $140 room. We didn’t even go in before heading to Wal-Mart for some supplies for the boat.

When we got back to the hotel we had a beer in the room then put on swimsuits and headed down to the hottub for another beer. Then we swam in the pool a bit and went back to the hottub for the last beer.  Finally around Midnight we got to bed.

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