The Vacation is over

Well 20 days ago I was working on my post here in my office and I have not been back until today. I had busy getting ready for wedding days, then an amazing and very memorable wedding day. Then the honeymoon began and as usual we did not take it easy, for a week we played in Minnesota on the boat then came home and had a week of unpacking cleaning, fixing, adventures, planning etc. We went to several lakes, the zoo, a shower, the t-bones, hung out w/ friends, had people over, went out to eat etc. Way to much stuff to catch you up on it all.

So I’ll work on the honeymoon posts (I PROMISE) and I will link to the photographers site once he gets our wedding shots done but the rest will be lost. I’ll go back to normal and talk about yesterday now.

Yesterday we slept in after a late night trying to get rid of the wine and BBQ leftovers from the wedding. Heath and I ate some microwaved stuffed peppers meal thing for breakfast then cleaned up a bit and watched some tv and drank lots of water. Then I headed out front to the flower box deal in front of the house.

The box it 10x better then it was when we moved in but the ongoing battle to keep grass from growing is annoying. Many months ago we were all about putting in a pond but Heath never gave me permission to dig it out.

Yesterday she agreed to put it in because we have some huge goldfish in the tank w/ Jumpy and Phill and wanted to move a few outside. So I dug, I unloaded one full wheelbarrow of dirt, then filled 1/2 another. The sun and me sweating gave me a headache and wore me down real fast as my system was still full of wine. I had decided to haul 3 loads of dirt before taking a break and going to the store. This was going to be hard on my head but I was committed until my shovel broke and halted my progress. Well Lowes was the store we needed to go to so I took my break early.

Heath and I went to Lowes and picked up more wedding presents that had been bought online and shipped to the store. There was no shovel in the pile but there was a nice new bench to replace the white plastic one in the above picture. We added a shovel to the pile and drove everything home. Then we headed to Aldi for groceries. They were closed so we came back home. Heath put on 300 on the tv and worked on thank you letters and I relaxed inside and put together the pretty new bench. I took my time with it then hauled it outside and tried out the new shovel.

I had the hole dug in no time and tossed in the liner deal.

I did some tweaking w/ the hole then filled in as much dirt around it as I could. Once the ground looked good I headed out back to one of my rock piles and started hauling rock.

I built a rock wall around the outside, moved the bench up, spread the mulch back around the pond, vacuumed out the dirt and mulch from inside, moved some new lights around it, then filled it with water.

Once it was full of water I found the filter and fountain pump that came with it and hooked it up.

The pond project was done for the day. I was starved so Heath ordered a pizza and some hot wings and we watched Transformers in HD on the couch and stuffed our faces. After dinner we took Berry for a little walk then sat on the bench and enjoyed the pond.

A little after 8 we got in bed and watched TV until we fell asleep.


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14 Responses to The Vacation is over

  1. Ge-off says:

    i like the look of the pond and the new bench.

  2. Courtney says:

    Yeah, the pond is very cool.  We’re actually going to be putting one in our backyard too!

  3. TCB says:

    We should do it again. That was so fun.

  4. Brian says:

    Nice water feature, you going to keep fish in there during the winter?

  5. thePrewitt says:

    Lots of familly vacation shots mixed in but some good wedding ones too.

  6. thePrewitt says:

    If the water is 3 feet below ground they are supposed to survive and we should be close enought to make it. This is really just phase 1. Next summer I want to bring up more rock and get a flexable liner and make the pond bigger w/ a little waterfall from a small pond into a bigger pond.

    Someday I would like to build a long waterfall in the back that runs downhill the length of the yard with small pools along the way.


  7. Heather says:

    Your landscaping, deck and new patio look so good!  Great work you guys!!!

    P.S. You missed a crazy wine night!

  8. Ge-off says:

    are those 4X4’s that you used to frame in the patio bricks?  I’m planning a patio project that might involve paver stones and need a good way to keep them in place nice and tight.

  9. Ge-off says:

    I was out at lunch earlier and as I was driving back, I saw an interesting sight at an intersection.  There was a midget, sitting on one of those motorized coolers with wheels that you can drive around, waiting to cross the street.

    PS – This is no joke.  I work in Olathe.  Anything is possible.

  10. thePrewitt says:

    He works for the T-Bones I think. Or there is another guy just like him on a motorized cooler there. He helped Heath sign up to win a 4 wheeler.

  11. Brian says:

    Yeah, those are 4×4’s I used … they are very sturdy, maybe too sturdy. One of them has warped outward about 1/4 of an inch at one end. I have four 16 inch long pieces of 3/8 inch rebar holding that corner down and it still moved. I think I might use 2×4’s instead next time (easier to manipulate). Those 4×4’s look good though.

  12. Brian says:

    Thanks! It’s too bad we missed wine night, we could have really put some down for you. 🙂

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