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FRIDAY 8-22-08

I woke up before 6am and heard rain. I got up and pulled in anything getting wet. I closed the windows and laid down a while. At 6:15 or so I cooked sausage and eggs and we cleaned up the … Continue reading

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THURSDAY 8-21-08

I woke  up and went to sit on the cliff and post. It was a nice spot with a great view and a good rock to write on. Then I came back to the boat and cooked up steak and … Continue reading

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I got up at 9 and cleaned up. This was our only day with a scheduled item and that was the supply boat at 9:30. I repacked the coolers for the new ice, got the trash ready to be picked … Continue reading

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TUESDAY 8-19-08

Heath had put up towels over the west windows on the boat so the sun came in early on the East side. We were tired though and rolled over and slept. Our first day not needing to be anywhere by … Continue reading

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MONDAY 8-18-08

The Alarm went off at 6:30am. I got up from a deep sleep and a dream about the honeymoon. I took a shower and another alarm went off. Heath got up and showered. We packed up, ate the free breakfast … Continue reading

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Heath and The’s Honeymoon Pages

INTRO My summary/run down of the trip  – http://theprewitt.com/?p=421 SUNDAY 8-17-08  Pack and Drive –  http://theprewitt.com/?p=423 MONDAY 8-18-08  Get the Boat  – http://theprewitt.com/?p=428 TUESDAY 8-19-08 Exploration on Land, Night on an Island  –  http://theprewitt.com/?p=429 WEDNESDAY 8-20-08 Exploration in the water … Continue reading

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Working on some projects with Friends

Jon came over after work and we played fiberglass repairmen.