MONDAY 8-18-08

The Alarm went off at 6:30am. I got up from a deep sleep and a dream about the honeymoon. I took a shower and another alarm went off. Heath got up and showered. We packed up, ate the free breakfast and left. We hit the road at 7:30am. We were still very excited and seemed to be more tired then the night before. Coffee took care of that and we cruised along north and north.

Finally with the help of the GPS on my phone we made it to Babbitt, MN. We drove a bit then found Timber Bay.

They got us set up and went over the map of the lake and stuff. Then we went to town for steaks, eggs, chicken breasts, hamburger, asparagus, etc.  We ate a great lunch at a local dinner then got some beer from the local bar and went back to the boat.

They gave us directions, instructions, warnings, etc. and then we were off. I backed her up and got it pointed in the right dirrection then gave Heath the wheel and I tested out the boats bathroom. We got away from the lodge and out into the middle of the lake then dropped anchor, grabbed our beers, the chaise lounges and headed to the upper deck to watch the lake, relax, nap and enjoy the perfect weather.

We stayed on top for a few hours too excited to sleep. Then we got the cabin all set up for our week. We drove on to a large island we had picked out on the map but found another boat there when we showed up.

We cruised on at a steady 7 mph and found a great rock point with a spot beside it for beaching the boat. We tied up then explored out from our boat in every dirrection.

We got a huge pile of firewood then headed into the boat to cook dinner. We made skillet potatoes, lemon pepper chicken and asparagus. We took a break to watch the sun set from the rock point.

Then we had a great meal.After dinner we cleaned up then put on warm clothes as the wind was getting strong and cold and started up our fire. The wood was dry and the wind was fierce so the fire exploded with flames in no time.

The pile of wood next to the fire caught so we beat it down and spread it out. Then things calmed down and we relaxed and drank by the fire keeping an eye on it for a long time just to be safe and because we love to sit by the fire in the wilderness having a drink.

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