THURSDAY 8-21-08

I woke  up and went to sit on the cliff and post. It was a nice spot with a great view and a good rock to write on. Then I came back to the boat and cooked up steak and egg burritos.

Heath and I went for a little walk then found some fisherman had moved in close to our spot. Other then this it seemed like no boats came close to other boats if they could avoid it. They were loud and a fairly annoying family of kids and parents and stuff.  We laid around in the boat and relaxed and tried to ignore them for quite a while. They didn’t leave so we swam a bit but they still fished right beside us. We decide it would be up to us to get some space so we untied and moved on. I took some pictures from afar of the black cliffs.

We continued north for a while but it was really windy. We intended to go all the way to the northernmost part of the lake and look at some bluffs that were supposed to be up there. Heath was worried about some rocks up there and the wind was really slowing our progress and eventually we decided to turn around and forget the bluffs.

Heath took over the wheel

and I packed the rest of our hamburger and some of our sausage into hamburgers and cut some fries and grilled everything. I was not sure how well the grill would work while the boat was going full speed and the wind was blowing good but the grill worked fine and the burgers with a bit of pork in them turned out really good. We kept driving south and ate in the boat. We wanted to make it most of the way back to the lodge to lessen our driving on Friday.

We decided to stop at the Kurry Islands and hope the beach spot was out of the wind. We beached really well then went for a hike around the new Island.  After that we got out our books on the roof of the boat. We both fell asleep for a while then got lots of wine and read and drink and worked on suntans.

It was kinda windy but not bad and we got kinda hot in the sun. We hiked out to a point on the island that was almost an island as the water was up over the grass between it and our island. We explored it and took some pictures of our boat from it. We walked through the water back in about thigh deep water. I went down the slide and swam for a while as Heath took a bath with shampoo and everything in the lake. We swam some more and continued to drink wine. When we got out I pulled a good sized leech off my ankle and it bled a lot. I think they do something that makes it hard to clot the blood.

Then we fried up steak and chicken with onions and a can of chillies and jalapenos.

We sat on the front of the boat and ate as the sun began to set. We rushed to finish our fajitas and moved to a good spot to watch the sun set through a tree on the island.

We kept drinking wine and started a small fire. As the fire died we got real tired and had enough wine so we went inside. We decided to go to sleep early then wake up before dawn to see a sun rise. We got out the laptop and downloaded all the pictures to make sure we had room on the camera and went to sleep.


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