TUESDAY 8-19-08

Heath had put up towels over the west windows on the boat so the sun came in early on the East side. We were tired though and rolled over and slept. Our first day not needing to be anywhere by anytime in a long time. I got up at 8:30 to check my fishing pole and drink some tea and write two and a half of my blog posts. I wrote all of Sunday then discovered I needed to use the bathroom ASAP. On our hikes Heath and I found a toilet in the woods and a big coffee can w/ a roll of toilet paper in it.

I opened the lid on the toilet and found it was full of crawling and flying critters. My business was too urgent to abandon and go back to the boat for and I didn’t have time to clean the bugs off or shoo them away so I quickly hovered as best I could. Things were a bit messy and I opened the coffee can to find there were about 3 squares on the roll. I’m not going to get into the dirty details but I’ll tell you I ended up going for an early morning swim in the lake.

This was my 3rd swim since we had been on the boat and the best so far. It started out as just a clean up swim but the water felt good and I had a nice time swimming around. I was behind the boat and out of the wind. Heath got up after my swim and we cooked breakfast burritos then took the boat out. We did not go far just getting to the other side of the bay. This was the area where the staff said we might see a moose so we hiked around trying to find one. The trails were not great hear and so we bushwhacked through.

This was tough going and way to loud to see any animals so we worked our way back to the boat hot and dirty and went for a swim. This may have been Heath’s first real swim and she enjoyed it too.

Then we left the bay and Heath took a nap while I drove us on further up the lake. I got to another campsite but Heath was sleeping when we arrived so I passed it by and cruised out to the middle of the lake. I was 1/2 expecting the wind to pull the anchor along and slowly work us toward shore but we held really well and stayed put. I packed and grilled 2 massive burgers.

Heath woke up and we ate the delicious beasts then went for a swim.

We used the slid on the back a bunch and jumped off the roof and had a blast in the water for quite a while.

After swimming we pulled up the anchor and boated over to an area with several islands. Heath drove and got us too close to a buoy and we got stuck on the rocks it guarded. We worked together to get our boat off the rocks and no harm came. We explored some more around the islands and found a great spot to beach on one. Once tied up we explored our very own island. It was a great spot with a swimming area, a rope swim, some possible cliffs to jump off and easy trails all around.

We hiked and gathered fire wood for the evening then cooked up some spaghetti with pork sausage and hamburger in the sauce. We rushed dinner then carried some wine over to the West side of the island to watch the sun go down.

It was real nice. Then we built up the fire we had started up before dinner. It burned well and kept us warm for several hours as it got darker. We sat on a large rock watching the fire burn down and the moon rise up. This went on for several hours before we got really hungry again and dipped beef sticks in peanut butter and ate them. This protein overload got the best of us and we fell asleep.


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