4th Annual Triathlon


The route is up, more details are up, the page is reorganized
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Map, Mileage, and Route

Mikes Tavern  (55th and Troost) Р0.00 miles
The Brooksider (63rd and Brookside Blvd) – 1.63 miles
Haniball’s Waldo Bar (75th and Wornal) – 1.40 miles
Jon’s or Tommy Farha’s (80th and Wornal) – 0.69 miles
Patrick’s (83rd and Wornal) – 0.35 miles
Village Lounge (85th and Wornal) – 0.21 miles
Flos Polka Dot Lounge (89th and Wornal) – 0.63 miles
Prewitt house (96th and Wornal) – 1.03 miles

-|- TOTAL DISTANCE -|- …………………….5.94 miles


This year is green shirt w/ white text.



This link lets you see them on a shirt http://www.customink.com/designs/triathlon4/9955776-2078984?cm_ven=hotlink&cm_cat=1&cm_pla=Body_txt&cm_ite=design

click a shirt to play with the design.


1 – The
2 – Heath
3 – Mike
4 – KK
5 – Kevin
6 – DB (Derrick B)
7 – DB (Danny B)
8 – Stooks
9 – Jon
10 – Amanda
11 – Tony
12 – Stephen
13 – Nate


  • Meet at the Prewitt house by 3pm, bring $13.68 for a shirt and bar money
    Typically the weather is terrible so dress warm and try to keep your feet dry
    I hope to pile everyone in Jon’s Bronco and drive to Mikes
    The hard part of the run is early on then it gets fairly easy till the last stretch
    As in the past I will have a hot pot of chili ready at the finish line
    Everyone is encouraged to stay and recover at our house
    I have a few extra shirts if we get any late entries


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