A Campout at the Farm

As soon as we got out of school and work we hopped in the car and headed out.

Peanut’s learned that once we hit the gravel he can take the way and drive us the rest of the way to my Grandma and Uncles houses.

When we arrived we drove around the fields a bit doing some offroading the the Saturn looking for a good spot. We eventually found a great spot by the lake and quickly, gatherd some wood and started a fire and unloaded some gear. My cousin Thomas found us on his 4 wheeler in no time and came to help.

Then we went to my aunt and uncles house to visit their familly a bit. We did not stay long and rushed back to camp to get dinner started and set up our brand new tent before it got too dark.

The dough was really cold from the cooler so I warmed it and spread it out and let it rise as we put up the tent. then I lined the dutch oven with foil and laid the pizza dough in. I cooked the dough a bit then we added the sauce cheese and toppings.

Surprisingly it did not take long for the dutch oven to bake up our pizza and we were sitting down to eat.

We had a new fold up table that was great for camp meals.

Here is a close up of the pizza still in the dutch oven.

We ate the whole thing with no problem and had a few slices of kielbasa. Then we roasted marshmallows and made smores.

Then broke out the fireworks for a while. We did some roman candles and some big ones and Peanut and Thomas did a bunch of sparkers.

Once the fireworks were gone the kids got tired and actually asked to go to bed. They climbed in their sleeping bags and went to sleep with out talking to eachother or anything. Heath and I staid up and watched the stars and fire for an hour then went to bed too.

Thomas got up first at 7ish and started fishing. I got up at 7:30 and started a fire and then fished for a bit.

I got some coals built up then mixed up my homemade biscuits and put them in the dutch oven. I got a pan of water and put it on top of the coals on the dutch oven. Then Peanut got up and helped Thomas do some fishing.

Thomas caught 6 little fish early on then nothing the rest of the morning. Heath got out of bed not long after and I had a surprise for her. I put some instant coffee in the water and tossed in some marshmallows for sweetner and some milk.

She seemed to really enjoy her hot cup of camp coffee and we enjoyed her smiley face. The biscuits were cooking well so I fried up 4 eggs and put a slice of cheese and ham on top of each one.

Heath helped with breakfast and Berry did great the whole trip and was never tied or penned up.

Then we sliced the biscuits put the egg/cheese/ham inside each one and sat down to eat.

We had some fruit with our tasty breakfast. Then the boys played around for a bit and took the 4 wheeler for a ride and eventually went back to Thomas’ house to play.

Heath and I took down the tent and cleaned up the campsite and got all packed up.

Then headed to my uncles to talk a bit more and watch him work on his anteana on the roof. We left about noon to go to the Assisted living place and see my Grandma.

She was really surprised and excited to see us. We visited for a while then headed into town for lunch. We stopped by the local cheeseburger shop for some greasy masterpieces and a huge pile of sussie Q fries. Peanut asked if these kind of fries were made from octopuses.

Then we headed home and Peanut slept the whole way home and quite a while after that. Then we went to my office and I worked for a while and Heath worked on Thank You cards and Peanut played Dora on the computer.

Sunday was productive day and we cleaned and hung stuff and shopped some and organized Peanut’s room and cooked a big chunk of beef for dinner.

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